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Oh Noooooooe!What a real shame,Portugal just could not quite make the Euro Football Final. Again. To the Portuguese I say at least you can be proud of the way they played! They really went for it! The only thing lacking? Patience in the final few yards to the goal! I think Ronaldo looked a little tired and not able to do the things he can normally do so well. The Portuguese did not look as thogh they were on performance enhancing drugs. Did they? They looked like ordinary but fit men,giving their all. Nothing Superhuman like "them thar Germans".

I think the Spanish showed that apart from their extraordinary passingc skills that they are masters of defence,as well!They were like rocks in that goal mouth area. Portugal did everything right and disrupted the marvelous passing machine better than anybody else has done in "Euro 2012".

ALGARVE-FOOTBALL says to the Portuguese nation. Flaming Hard Luck "Fellas'.Be proud that a nation of about 10 million people consistently reach the semi-finals of international tournaments. No other such a small nation can equal your proud football record,Portugal! We at ALGARVE-FOOTBLL PAGE, say you are a small nation with a Great Beating Heart in football fields at least.Look upon your Euro 2012 achievement with pride. Even the current best team in the world could not outplay or beat you in open play. ALGARVE-FOOTBALL SALUTES YOU!

Can They Do it!

Can they do what! well since it is the 27/06/2012 ther can only be one answer in Portugal and the Algarve.The entire nation has one thing on its mind.Sorry make that two things!Will they beat Spain? Can they win Euro 2012 Football Tournament?

Yes they can!There are a lot of ifs though.Firstly and most importantly. Will they have LUCK on their side? "You Gotta have luck".Football is a game of luck most frequently.Will those,.shots,headers,rebounds,deflections go in or not? Teams play blinders and do everything but score,whilst the opposition get one attack,one shot actually on target and score!The game can be so cruel!Secondly will the Portuguese players be running around like men on performance enhancing drugs,just like the Germans APPEAR to have been doing for most of the tounament,or will that be the Spanish.Dare I suggest the football authorities do not care which of them gets to the final and they will battle it out on a "level pitch".Oh, "hush my mouth"!Of course the rich Germans have not bought the CROWN! That would be CHEATING!Would it not?

If! If Portugal play as well as they have done and Ronaldo hits top form ,I think they can pip Spain this time!It all depends on "LADY LUCK" on the day!

ALGARVE-FOOTBALL has some more to say yet,on Euro 2012

Euros Football 2012

So Portugal have made it to the semi finals of Euro 2012 but England did not. Portugal after starting of in a silly defensive manner against Germany,proceeded to dismantle the German football machine. They only did this after conceding a goal. Since then the Portuguese team has gone from strength to strength,playing good attractive attacking football. It has really paid off.

England on the other hand have rather continued in the same old defence first attitude which for 40 years now has been shown does not win tournaments.That same old fault of giving away possesion much too easily and not stringing two passes together. I know England suffered with most of their midfield injured and not at the tournament,plusWayne Rooneyr rather strangely suspended for the first two games,plus having to travel 1400 miles per game in the early stages. The tiredness was in great evidence as England started brightly against the Italians and then ran out of steam after 20 minutes. The organisers of the competition had done their job well,making certain England would not progress. They must learn though that whoever they have available for any international to practise and practise their passing and attacking football.

Another thing the Portuguese footballers do that the English footballers should learn from is to stop giving their opponents time on the ball. They stand back and allow the man with the ball to take his time. That is fundamentally flawed. You need to run towards the man with the ball in a controlled manner thus forcing him to act quickly. No tackle is needed,just pressure.In fact tackling is detrimental as it draws the foul,or leaves the tackler on his back. No all he has to do is stay on his feet and hassle the man with the ball,whatever he does.. Portugal and the top teams have been doing this for years and consistently do well. England continue to struggle. You have to ask yourself if there is some rather sinister reason for this. More ALGARVE-FOOTBALL VERY SOON

ALGARVE-FOOTBALL.Olhanense Football Club

Olhanense football club recently celebrated 100 years of existence and the town of Olhao saw week-end long celebrations.They were also looking at the prospect of another season to come in top flight football in Portugal

One Armando Amancio and a group of friends set up what was called "Sporting Club Olhanense" on April 27th 1912.This is thought to be the establishment of football in the Algarve for the first time.Though I reckon it must have been about in the Algarve on an un-official level long before that date!

It is said that the name suggests the initial inspiration came from Lisbon,but from the word go the club history has been firmly rooted in the Algarve and more specifically in Olhao.The club suffered a brief suspension from football games through the advent of World war 1.

However by the 1920's Club Olhanense were right at the top in Portugals early knock-out competition "Campeonato de Portugal.Big things were to come in 1924 with victories over top clubs such as Victoria FC,Martimo and impressively FC Porto.These wins were to lead to their only Portuguese Football national title.

Less triumphant times were to come when during season 1938-39 Olhanense were out of the competition.However they went on to win 3 Campeonato do Algarve titles between 1939-1941 leading to an inviotation back to the top flight.The 1940's were to be a "Golden Age" for Olhanense Football Club (ALGARVE-FOOTBALL) who graciously still supported the regional Algarve competitions whilst holding there own in the national competition.(More on Olhanense history to come)

LATEST NEWS ALGARVE-FOOTBALL:Not often in the world of football do you get inspiring news but a local Algarve business man did try to save not only the biggest sports stadium in the Algarve region.He may also tried to save the most endangered big cat in the world.That big cat is the Iberian Lynx and it needs all the help it can get.It is said they would need a program of captive breeding and then introducing into the wild.Any program like this takes money and big money at that!

Premises have to be found and rent found.Staff have to be paid twenty four hours a day.Food and medical supplies have to be on hand when needed and these cost dearly.Obviously this needs a sponser!Step in a local businessman and Algarve United!They together want to occupy the great and currently wasted and weed infested ALGARVE-FOOTBALL Stadium and at the same time raise money and more importantly the publicity and the public will to help this endangered cat.

Why do our capitalist leaders waste so much of our money building massive stadiums just for one tournament and then let them rot afterwards.The world must be scattered with them.The sad truth is our capitalist leaders do not care about the communities.All they care about is having a big new stadium for them and their wealthy "muckers" to party in for the one day big finale.Oh yes they are all there having the time of their lives and then walk away and never think about that stadium and that community again.So wrapped up in their own wealth and fat expense accounts and generally having the time of their lives,that they never look back.

They should be making certain that everything is done to make that stadium work for the community.If they cared one iota for people!How much of their time would it take to make sure this happens.Stadiums in every town should be working full time for their communities,not just one football match a week.They should be the home of youth teams for all sports all paying a little towards the costs of the stadium.They should be the home of bazaars,local fairs,crafts and education.All could pay a little towards the stadium and all having their lives enriched from living in its shadow.All that is needed is for our leaders to encourage the right people in the communities and a little help in getting it all going.Not much to ask for their huge salaries and even bigger expense accounts.They are in an honoured position and it is their job to help the less well off.Communities need to get together with the help of local businesses and lobby these people and shame them into actually doing something.Everybody needs to put a little time and effort into changing the wasteful ways of our capitalist leaders.We will go into Algarve United and ALGARVE-FOOTBALL and the Iberian Lynx a little closer tomorrow hopefully.What was said today needs saying and everybody who reads it needs to start talking and encouraging others to talk and lobbying local businesses and leaders.The talk has to be loud and continuous."All that evil needs is for Good men to do nothing".Men includes you ladies,talk in your schools,churches,work everywhere.If you keep talking things will happen.If you are lucky enough to be a leader in a community or run a business etc you have a moral duty to help start this talking and lobbying.Our capitalist leaders waste far more money than it would take to help people live fruitful lives.These football and Olympic stadiums are just the "tip of the iceberg" of wasted public money.Get angry,it is public money for the good of the communities,not for them to waste having a good time.Please!If you have a computer or a local noticeboard copy this article and spread it far and wide,not just today but tomorrow and on!If you read this and go away and do nothing,you need to be ashamed!Start now and do not stop! Get Mad About waste!This page may be about ALGARVE-FOOTBALL but it can also have a concience.

Back to Algarve United.The cause of the Iberian Lynx might have been helped by the big plans of the man behind Algarve United Corrado Correggi who made his fortune making corks for the wine trade.Amazing! Big money from bottle stoppers.People like me spend a lifetime trying to think of ways to make money and it never happens for us.Still "fair play" to the guy.At least he tried doing constructive things with his money unlike our capitalist leaders.So in partnership with his father-in-law,Scot John Mcgovern,Corrado Correggi became a rather successful football agent.This was what led to the forming of Algarve United and being an ambitious guy he turned his mind to one day seeing his team play in the state of the art Algarve Stadium which could only be good for ALGARVE-FOOTBALL.This is an example of somebody trying to do something constructive for his local community.More entrepreneurs with flair and ambition are needed everywhere helping their own local communities.If everybody looks after their own community there is no need for money going anywhere else.Intenational charities are a major con trick and perpetuate poverty and only a tiny amount gets to the people it was intended to help.Poor people in places such as Africa know this and plead for all this nonsense to stop so they get to sort their own affairs.They know the poverty is forced on them to create a false cause and it is not them who benefit.People really should give money only to local causes.

so the plans for Algarv United may not have worked because the plans were too big.Local people need to keep their efforts outside of big business.What is needed is to persuade local Camara (councils) that the stadium should be opened up and ever sport and craft etc be involved in running the place all bringing in what money they can.With effort it can be made to work.It is doing no good left empty the local powers need to be persuaded to open it up for the good of the people and on a non profit basis.This is the big trouble with capitalism,only profit matters.Untill people start talking and getting angry and hounding their local rulers,nothing will change.ALGARVE-FOOTBALL says football in the Algarve needs to join up with other sports and activities to become a big voice that the local Camara cannot ignore.Strength comes in numbers.I know it is all easy to say but i am sure the people are there in the Algarve communties who could start to make things happen.

It may not be the obvious choice to spend a holiday touring around this region.It is not the rich area of Portugal and is not synonymous with success;like Lisbon and Porto etc.It is however Portuguese and therefore full of fanatical Portuguese players and fans of the "great game".

You will find football everywhere and a really big scene is the five and seven a side hard court football.You will find these everywhere;maybe this is part of the reason they do not have much problem with hooligans.They can all be involved.Give young lads things to do and they do not become yobs.British politicians should be made to go over and observe.

So what does soccer have to do with tourism.Well quite a lot actually!Many small local teams all over Europe go on tours to the Algarve;to play football certainly,along with a little drinking and clubbing.Yes,football tourism is quite a thriving social scene.

Obviously if you manage a football team you could give a lot of consideration to arranging a tour for your team.Probably not in the height of summer though;as it can be very expensive and of course very hot for running around.Though sportsmen do play in these conditions,I agree.

If you would like to make enquiries about this,Please click here,for soccer tours in Portugal and make contact

So what is the ALGARVE-FOOTBALL scene like?What can you expect to find there and what teams play there?



I must admit I was very impressed on my first sight from the main n125 road that runs right through the Algarve region.I do not think i expected this fromm an area whose main industry is tourism.

The Estadio do Algarve is officially an association football stadium.It was built with a view on the 2004 European Cup.It holds we believe some 30,000 plus people and is very large in the landscape it sits in.

It only managed to hold 3 international matches during the European Cup.I wonder if that was because of its situation on the southern most point of Portugal.

It has struggled a little in the ensuing years partly because of its size in a not heavily populated region.The local teams of Faro and Loule have shared the use of the Stadium at times and you only have to look at the populations of these two cities or towns,one has around the 58,000 people and the other has inhabitants of around the 60,000 mark.

So ALGARVE-FOOTBALL has struggled a little to make full use of the stadium.What a shame for such a great sporting venue.

Luckily though the people in charge have looked to diversify into events other than football and so it has seen many different fans.Such as Festivals and has even had the grass ripped up to host a car rally.Thankfully the grass was restored afterwards.

As a football fan I hope to see the Algarve region football scene growing and improving over the next 10 years.It is not easy for them as it does not have the best wages for their football fans to indulge too much on visits to expensive stadiums.

This is where the euro has wreaked most havoc forcing the prices of everything up ,whilst wages have stayed static.I so wish Portugal had stayed out of Europe as the euro has by no means finished with its devastation of all European Nations Economies.Everybody new the Monetary "straight jacket" could not work for such different ecomomies.It is political greed which sold so many countries down the river.That is another story though.However it is a story that ALGARVE-FOOTBALL can and should be involved in!

Inside the very stunning stadium.No football fan would mind buying a ticket to go there."Methinks"

We will be delving into this ALGARVE-FOOTBALL a little deeper very soon,so please bookmark the page or follow our blog,top left of any page.


Obviously Portugal has a hierarchical structure with leagues similar to that in most european countries.

Liga Zon Sagres - Benfica, Porto, Sporting etc;

Liga Orangina (formerly Liga Vitalis);

Division 2 - four regional sections;

Division 3 - six regional sections plus a separate one for the Azores;

Regional and District Leagues.


The Algarve now has one premiership side.Portinonense Olhanense in the Portuguese premiership The Superliga.The preceding is updated information provided by Chris Wright who is a member of the Olhanense Epat Supporters GroupE-mail Address: Address: Qta das Alfarrobeiras CentenariasCity: Bernardinheiro 1380x, TAVIRAZip/Postal Code: 8800-513Country: PortugalHome Phone: 00351281961431Business Phone:: If you are updating your website there is now only one Algarve team, SC Olhanense, in Liga ZON Sagres. We are the Olhanense Expat Supporters Group (200+ members). We produce a match day programme in English & have our lapel badge. Always happy to assist visitors and welcome them to the club. Very friendly, family based club and exccellent hospitality.------------------------------>

Not bad for a small region relying on the tourist trade.

At present there are none in the Orangina league,equivalent to our current 1st division.

In Division 2 there are teams such as Farense;the Faro team.GD Lagoa form Lagoa and the loule team,louletano.Shame these teams are not doing a little better.

Division III is split up regionally and the Algarve teams play in section IIIF This includes teams of,Lagos,Beira Mar De Monte Gordo and Messinense from Messines.

Then there are those in the Algarve League.Including Albufeira,Almancil,Guia FC,Ferreiras and Silva Amarcos de Pera

Finally there is the Algarve cup with matches mostly being played midweek;which many of the higher league teams try to take part.

I have given you a map below so you can make sense of some of the team names.

.S. Wins Eighth Algarve Cup Title

On Wednesday, March 9, the U.S. defeated Iceland 4-2 to win their eighth Algarve Cup title in Portugal. The U.S. came from behind after trailing the plucky Icelandic squad until the final minute of the first half. Carli Lloyd (Atlanta Beat), Lauren Cheney (Boston Breakers), Heather O’Reilly (Sky Blue FC) and Alex Morgan (Western New York Flash) each scored a goal. On Monday March 7, the U.S. warmed up for the tournament final with a 4-0 win over Finland, having already clinched their Group A title. Alex Morgan scored twice while Carli Lloyd and Shannon Boxx (SC MagicTalk/Washington Freedom) each scored once. The Americans outshot the Finns by a 24- 1 margin, 13-1 for shots on goal. Sky Blue’s Laura Kalmari played for the Finland. Also on Monday, Iceland defeated Denmark 1-0 to win Group B undefeated and qualify for the final.

Other final placement matches on March 9 for the twelve team field were as follows:3rd Place Match: Japan 2 Sweden 1 5th Place Match: Norway 0 Denmark 0 (Norway wins 5-4 in penalty kicks) 7th Place Match: China 2 Wales 1 9th Place Match: Portugal 2 Finland 1 11th Place Match: Chile 1 Romania 1 (Chile wins 6-5 in penalty kicks)

Japan’s Homare Sawa, who played for Atlanta Beat in the WUSA and Washington Freedom in WPS, was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. Alex Morgan was named the Algarve Cup’s top scorer with three goals in four games, having played fewer minutes than others with three goals. The recent graduate of the University of California now has seven goals in fifteen national team games and seems a lock for a team spot, if not a starting position, in this summer’s Women’s World Cup.

Canada Wins Third Cyprus Cup

Canada defeated the Netherlands 2-1 in extra time on March 9 to clinch the championship of the twelve team Cyprus Cup tournament. Emily Zurrer (ex-University of Illinois) scored her second goal of the tournament during the first period of extra time. Canada also won the title in 2008 and 2010 and finished second in 2009. Jonelle Filigno scored her second goal of the Cyprus Cup in the 20th minute to give Canada the lead, but left back Claudia van den Heiligenberg tied it up for the Dutch just before the end of the first half. Goalkeeper Erin McLeod, who was out injured during a good portion of the 2010 WPS season with Washington Freedom, was hurt during the last minute of regulation time. Coach Carolina Morace substituted Stephanie Laabe (Pitea IF of Sweden) for McLeod, who shut out the Dutch side during the overtime periods. Morace explained her move: “It was nothing serious, but we have three very good goalkeepers; [including former Philadelphia Independence goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc] Labbé went in and she did very well.” Daphne Koster who played with Sky Blue FC last season, played center back for the Netherlands. Canada scored six goals in four tournament matches, allowing only the one goal in the final.

On Monday, March 7th, Canada defeated England 2-0 in their last group match. Christine Sinclair (Western New York Flash) and Brittany Timko scored for the Canadians. Timko, a University of Nebraska graduate who has played for clubs in Australia, Germany and Sweden, is coming back from surgery and can play virtually any outfield position. Sky Blue’s Karen Bardsley and Anita Asante, along with the Boston Breakers duo of Kelly Smith and Alex Scott, all played for England.

Other final day placement matches were as follows:Third Place Match: France 3 Scotland 0Fifth Place Match: England 2 Republic of Korea 0Seventh Place Match: Mexico 5 New Zealand 0Ninth Place Match: Italy 2 Russia 0Eleventh Place Match: Switzerland 2 Northern Ireland 1

WPS Preseason Begins with Two Atlanta Beat Matches

The WPS began its preseason exhibition schedule on Sunday, March 6 with the Atlanta Beat stunning the University of South Florida 5-0 at KSU Soccer Stadium in Kennesaw, Georgia. Megan Jseolva, Kristina Larsen, Vendula Strnadova, Cat Whitehill and Kylie Wright all scored for the Beat. Goalkeepers Allison Whitworth and Ali Lipsher each played a half to share the shutout. On March 10, the Beat remained undefeated without giving up a goal after a 1-0 win over Auburn University’s women’s team at Auburn, Alabama. Allison Whitworth, who played at AU, again played one half and Lori Chalupny scored the lone tally late in the game. Next week, more games are on tap as Sky Blue is in Turkey at a tournament and Atlanta Beat, Boston Breakers, Philadelphia Independence and Western New York Flash all have games with college sides.

The Algarve ladies cup.

Yes girls there is a thriving ladies team taking part in competitions all over Europe.

In 2011 there is a one day competition for veterans over the age of 35.Which I believe is open to allcomers.


Being met at Faro airport and a return transfer.Pick up and drop off.Transportation to and from the playing venue

Team registration and participation in the veterans tournament

Official refereeing throughout competition.

Trophies and presentation.

First aid assistance.

Team liaison during your stay.

Contact Us: EMAIL or alternatively by telephone at +351 214 540 410

Office Address:Rua dos Fornos, 21, 1º Dto2770 – 066 Paço de ArcosLisbon – PortugalT. +351 214 540 410F. +351 214 540 419

Office Hours:Monday to Friday 9AM – 6PM

Please let us know if you want any particular information on ALGARVE-FOOTBALL page


An ALGARVE-FOOTBALL gossip Article.

Algarve United Football Club, often shortened to Algarve United, is a Portuguese club ,located in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal.Created in 2004 possibly with a lot of input of British footballing figures.Probably the idea was formulated late at night in a hotel bar;I guess with the intention of dominating ALGARVE-FOOTBALL! Quickly became nicknamed the Lynxes,to basically support the cause for an endangered animal species. This being a species of Lynx ,Biologically classed as specifically Iberian Lynx.It is the worst threatened of the 36 species of cats worldwide.(if you want to find out more.Please click here to help this very Worthy cause>

ALGARVE-FOOTBALL UNDERSTANDS.The club was founded in 2004 officially by one Corrado Correggi, who it is understood made a fortune producing corks for wine bottles, John McGovern,well known football impressario happened to be his brother inlaw and went into partnership with the Portuguese entrepreneur. The club was once briefly managed by Paul Gascoigne;The great footballer and comedian and alledgedly talented alcoholist.In their season 2004/2005, they got off to a flyer;winning promotion from the Regional League 2nd Division (Sotavento) to the 1st Division.The planned domination and rise to the Poruguese equivalent of the Premiership in England;La liga.Did not come to pass.ALGARVE-FOOTBALL domination failed!

The third and final season 2006/2007,ended in some acrimony over alledged canceled games and failure to pay some fines to the Regional Football Association. Last seen in September 2007 they have apparently become extinct.Lets hope this does not happen to the poor Portuguese cat. (Iberian lynx).So if you have a few shillings,sorry euros,to spare.There is a vacancy for the creation of an Algarve football team;by name.Advice:Perhaps there should not be a retrial of "PG" as manager.Not that he had anything to do with their demise.You Understand! Just to be on the "safeside!You "Catch my Drift" !!Just ALGARVE-FOOTBALL CHIT-CHAT."NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY"!!


LAGOS FOOTBALL.ALGARVE-FOOTBALL Page,has been looking into the football scene in the town of Lagos.A super large town in the western part of the Algarve region.There is a superb training centre at the track and stadium.In truth it is a training ground for all sports but is ideally suited to football training.It appears to have everything the modern team would need,looking clean and modern in the pictures we have seen.(we do not know how old they are).There is a stadium which holds around 1500 people and there is also a tartan running track.It does not have its own lodgings but there are a number of good hotels within walking distance.The treatment room seems to be very well equipped and clean and the gym certainly looks "state of the art".

Lagos,Cascade Performance Sports Academy.Lagos Algarve also has its own football acadamy which was inaugurated by Benfica and England manager Sven Goran Eriksson.This has been aimed to be the best football facility in the Algarve region at least.

It was officially opened on 15 April 2011.The Cascade Performance Sports Academy has the largest FIFA Approved football pitches in the ALGARVE-FOOTBALL region.Football training sessions are held on Saturday mornings and cater officially for lads 6 years to 16 years old.They claim to be pretty lenient about age,saying that "they turn nobody away".ALGARVE-FOOTBALL PAGE THINKS,this really is showing intentions to improve the Algarves football status.Great News for everybody,it can do nothing but good.We understand it is hoping to form a regional youths team in the near future.Contact:
Telephone: 282771500
Email: History of ALGARVE-FOOTBALL.It seems to be that football actually arrived in Portugal and the Algarve around a hundred years ago.It is believed to have been brought home by educational students studying in England.So it goes without saying that they must have been rich and it was almost certainly only practiced by the rich.The first team to be formed in the Algarve was in 1910 and the name was "Sporting Clube Farense".For a team for a not very rich area they have had some success over the years.

There are three teams who have been the major players in the region not surprisingly the originals SC Farense are one of them,Then there is SC Olhanense and Portimonense SC,All have had success in the major Portuguese leagues not just in the Algarve.These three teams regularly are seen competing in the National Portuguese Cup.This is Portugals equivalent of our Fa cup.None of the ALGARVE-FOOTBALL teams has won the competition but have represented the region in the final on a couple of occasions.Once in the 1944/1945season and 1989/1990 when SC Olhanense and SC Farense were beaten finalists of this tournament.Imagine how the inhabitants would feel if an ALGARVE-FOOTBALL team ever won this competition.

Below ia a cartoon of ALGARVE-FOOTBALL,maybe!

FOOTBALL IN ALGARVE east-west-algarve

>ALGARVE-FOOTBALL.The Portuguese FA Cup and League cup 2011-12
Both the the Portuguese fa cup is open to all football teams in the Portugal National FA. This includes football teams from Madeira and the Azores Islands. Games are normally played at the weekend.The various leagues tend to be of 14-16 te. The teamfixtures be viewed on the website cannot as yet find anywhere on the world wide web who publishes kick-off times.


Teams from the Superliga and Liga Vitalis leagues only take part. In general clubs use second team players for this tournament and crowd attendances are mostly very poor. Most fixtures are played in midweek and the first two rounds are played in groups not on a knockout basis. ALGARVE-FOOTBALL TO VIEW OUR MAGNIFICENT 2 BED APARTMENT IN THE REGION ALGARVE-FOOTBALL END