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Click here to Fly back to the homepage main index. This page includes all sorts of travel goods; like lockable suitcases absolutely essential,others can be more frivolous or just fashion statements.We all like to project a decent image and there is nothing wrong with that!This is what keeps us going and having some pride.It is certainly cheaper quicker and more relaxing if you know a good travel store on the internet which can be relied upon.This is where we come in as we do all the checking up on stores for you.We feel these are reputable.They have a good reputation to lose.

.You might need to sort out new suitcases.Or locks for your existing cases(Far more essential than ever you realise nowadays.Get some zip locks at the very least.There are professional thieves working 24/7 on unlocked suitcases)Money belt.If you are carrying cash this is the only guaranteed way to stay connected with the stuff.Tourists are the prime target for thieves and handbags,backpockets,trouser pockets,jackets etc are so vulnerable to attack while you are distracted at the airport or wandering around a foreign country.You have a great range now.Belts that have zipped cash pockets on the back.Ordinary money belts that go under your clothing.Holster types that sit snuggly under your armpit,like a detectives gun.Or ones which strap around your ankle.So there is no excuse for losing your hard earned holiday cash these days.Get one of the options now! At the reliable and over twenty years of trading; COMPANY WE HAVE SELECTED FOR YOU IN THE LINK BELOW.

Great Company selling Quality TRAVEL GOODS.


It is important to organise your mind and stock up with certain essentials,otherwise these can cost you a lot of money if you have to buy them abroad.

You will almost certainly need electrical adaptors if you are taking ,shavers;hairdriers etc abroad.You can pick these up really cheaply if you shop about a little on line.If you wait till you get to the airport or when you arrive at your detination you will pay silly money for them.One travel adaptor for each person is a good idea so nobody is waiting for another to finish using one.

In many countries you will need insect repellants.Check before you depart and get them if needed.Again you will pay dearly at the airport or abroad.The cheapest overall are the plug in blue lights.You can get nice small ones which are just the plug with the light on the front of it.Remember to buy an adaptor as well.You have nothing else to buy and they are very effective.

Insect repelant sprays are one of the most expensive and least effective options and of course run out when you need them most.A better option is a bracelet you keep on and these are good for when on the beach or touring around.These have the advantage over sprays that you just keep them on so unlike a spray you do not forget to take them out with you.I suggest you read reviews on these so you get one known to be effective.

You should consider suitcase security!Straps,locks and suitcase tags are all very good ideas.Bear in mind thieves are continuously looking for suitcases to steal from unaware tourists.Since these are opportunist thieves who want to empty the case quickly they are more likely to go for unprotected cases.Tags are a real concern for thieves because they are a real problem if they get stopped.Make sure you put on your name address and post code.For obvious reasons do not put houses or car keys in a tagged suitcase.Straps and locks especially good ones mean time for the thief so he is likely to look for another case rather than yours.

We will continue to monitor companies selling TRAVEL-ACCESSORIES and add them for your benefit.

Another item we recommend for you to take with you is a small set of hand scales so you can weigh your bags for your return journey.Even small amounts over bring heavy penalties.They are totally out of proportion.SO BE CAREFULL!. TRAVEL-ACCESSORIES.To our lovely 2 bed apartment in the East Algarve Conceicao.Walking distance to the Fantastic Beach at Cabanas de Tavira .Or Find a holiday rental property you hire direct from the owner.Anywhere in the World;You only pay the owner nobody else