ment.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); OR USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE WHILST ABROAD.Now we are talking mine-fields for the unwary.If you want to waste some money,go abroad and make some phonecalls without cheking up on costs.Or bundle up a handfull of "tenners" and set fire to them!Which one wins?It will be a close call!

.New update at bottom of page for internet calls 20/07/2011.This is the best system for us!

You do need to do a little research and find the right deals,if you are going to take your mobile phone abroad.Remember these facts

(1)You will pay dearly for making calls.

(2)You will pay dearly for receiving calls

(3)You can receive emails free

(4)You will pay for every email you open

(5)You will receive texts free.

(6)You will pay for every text you send.

CAN YOU SEE,just how much it could cost you for not doing any homework? My best advice is if you do not really need it.DO NOT TAKE IT!

Ok! Ok! I know,I know you simply cannot go abroad for 2 days without speaking to your "loved ones".Truthfully? I have to admit.I am just as "soppy". So we have to do a little homework and come up with something to reduce those "Rip off".Sorry expensive costs!

There is actually a reason for it. you see your normal provider is paying another host to route your FOREIGN-CALLS back home and they are going to charge you for every button pushed because of this and for every digit typed on your bill,etc! etc!

So where should you look first to try and make sure those calls to and from,"Loved ones" do not land you with a new mortgage.Try.Please note that was "TRY"! Calling your home supplier."Yes" the name on the bills you receive for using your mobile phone.They might be offering a special deal for those going abroad and in fact occasionally they do.So if they have got a deal on.You are sorted!"yes sort-of-ish!

You will save a little."Not aLot" but you will save something.Think about it a moment.You are going abroad they have you by the "proverbials". Think they are letting you off the hook so easily!

No neither do I! You most likely will be horrified when you get your bill. After all we do tend to lose track of time when talking to our "pride and joys";do we not.So "leave the "----ing" thing at home; "--od" the "loved ones".Hang on a minute "mister".Do you really think "er in doors" is going to let you get away with that!

Not to worry! There are actually plenty of other things one can do as long as one or somebody amongst ones "loved ones" can use a computer.We shall take a look in a day or so.

The best and the cheapest! "check it out".




So what are the best ways to reduce cost of FOREIGN-CALLS whilst abroad? If you own a holiday property abroad,one reasonable option is to get a cheap payg mobile from a local phone company. Some are a lot cheaper to run. We have found this to be the case in Portugal.You do have to find out how long your credit remains valid.If it is only 90 days then unless you can get over to your property every 89 days you are going to lose any credit left on your phone.You can limit the damage by only ever putting on the smallest amount of credit allowed.This can be fiddly;having to get credit numerous times per visit.

Far better to go for a company that allows 6 months lifespan on your credit.Then you only need to visit your property twice a year.As long as you bought a property you like in an area you love.This should not be to much of a bind as long as you can afford to do this. Best advice is still to do as much texting as you can as oppose to calling and it is best to get your loved ones to text you first as you receive texts free.You will pay around 50p per text when sending.Remember to keep it short and use as much text shorthand as possible as you will pay more the longer your message is.

If you have a smartphone with internet access then you have the option of downloading the internet phone service Skype to your phone Which is very cheap for making calls but only do this if you are a dab hand at using the internet on a mobile.Speaking for myself and even my daughter,using the internet on a smart phone is very very fiddly.I shudder at the thought of making FROREIGN-CALLS on any type of mobile phone



If you travel a lot and use your mobile to make a lot of foreign calls then the options are a little better.Skype is probably the cheapest overall option but you have to get it all correctly set up .Then you have to get friends and contacts to install it as well.So can be very time consuming to get satisfactorily set up.

In which case there are a great many deals out there.Some you have to dial a number and then the number you are calling.You g et considerably reduced rates as they are directing you through there own or chosen hosting system.Obviously they bill you for the calls you make.This requires a little foot work to get the best deal.Do not take it for granted that the rates will stay the same.Companies should inform you when they change their rates but not all do so.

Other systems are similar but require you to put another sim in your phone when abroad.Again you need to do your homework and keep checking that you are getting a good deal.You see companies are notorious for advertising a cheap rate to get a lot of sign ups.Then when they have enough put there rates up drastically.So it is always buyer beware.Cheap FOREIGN-CALLS ARE THERE but be carefull and be prepared to change suppliers often.

I have been a little remiss in not coming back to inform you of a much improved system for making calls.It only requires that you take a laptop or smartphone with you.I have known of it for a while and many of you will already know about it.

There are companies now offering an internet phone service including worldwide International phone calls for around 22 pence per minute.You will find a few of them but do your research and get the best.For us that has been Click here for FOREIGN-CALLS.Internet calls

The above may not be the outright cheapest but we have found them very cheap and importantly very reliable and easy to use.
We like the fact that you just download their free software,which is quick and easy and puts no load on your computer memory.Then once the software is set up and you have registered you can purchase for example £10 worth of credit using paypal or a credit card if you prefer.You then just type the number in the box and press the green handset button,which is right beside the number box.You will hear the phone ringing if you have a decent microphone and speakers.If not you might need to use your headphones.We have never yet had to resort to headphones yet,which is nice!

You will know during the setup process if the system works on your computer and whether or not you need headphones.They allow a free setup call which checks if everything is working correctly.The setup process should take you less than five minutes and you are ready to start making cheap calls.

We have given you the link to the one that works for us and is easy for us.This does not mean it will be the right one for you.So make sure you check out all the competition.The best way to do this is to type internet calls into google or Yahoo.

I hope you manage to get sorted out with cheap calls because I do hate the rip-off costs of FOREIGN-CALLS

.Rent holiday property direct from the owners.Worldwide!

International Dialing CodesIf you need to make a phone call to someone in another country and you are not quite sure how to dial the number.What is the dialing code for that country?Do I need to put the local area code in?Confused? Well you are not alone! Most of us go blank when faced with ringing somebody in another country.So it can become a lot more time consuming than it needs to be.We can send you to a service which will do it for you!As long as you know the number you are calling and its area code then this service should hopefully help you.CLICK HERE TO MAKE EASY FOREIGN-CALLS.When you arrive at the 100% safe website you will see a large box into which you type the area code and number you want to call,then click the button to get the whole number you need including the international dialing code.This can be a great time-saver so make sure you bookmark the website so you can find it easily the next time.

Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator.

Making FOREIGN-CALLS TO somebody ?Worried you might be calling in the early hours of the morning? Then before you make any FOREIGN-CALLS make use of this simple service.It will find the time difference between two cities wherever they might be in the World with the Time Difference Calculator..It not only provides time zone conversions it also takes into account daylight saving time (DST), local time zone and accepts present, past or future dates


For current time anywhere in the world, please use The World Clock.

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