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Property Prices In Algarve

So I was just looking through some adverts by the larger Estate Agents and I have to report there still seems to be a conspiracy not to sell.Of course you have one or two very cheap properties which either do not actually exist or are cheap because there is something of the unsellable about them.The rest including the recently "masiveley reduced" are still priced in "Cuckoo Land".

As per usual the East Algarve is the cheapest region and where the best bargains are to be found.Why? Probably and the only reason I can think of is because I own property there.Seriously the only reason is because it does not have the raging nightlife which so many want.Being nearly sixty I cannot remember why anyone would wish to live amongst all those flashing lights and loud noises and groups of people chatting till 4am about nothing in particular.

So why are prices being kept at such unaffordable levels?Levels where only the occasional gem sells.Why are Estate Agents asking too much for properties and resigning themselves to rather paltry profits? Why are Banks reducing profits (apparently)by not lending much money to house buyers?

There are numerous so-called economic (for economic read social fiddling to achieve desired effects).The VERY NO1 REASON is the EU is borrowing the money at very low rates to keep itself somewhere near financial equity.It then dreams up fictitious debts owed by poor countries so it can impose "austerity measures",which translates as pay more money into EU coffers so they can repay these loans."GOOD 'INNIT"?

No don't worry about the poor banks,they have made sure you pay with extra charges and the killer in interest rates for what money they loan you.This was the biggest con' pulled by the banks so they could help out the hard pressed EU. It is fact that around 10 years ago (give or take) the bank of England rate was 5% 'ish and I borrowed money for a car at 8%.That was the norm' through most of my lifetime.Now the Bank rate is less than !% but you will still pay 7% give or take.Some difference,what!?

News.It all adds up to fiddles where property prices in Europe are kept high to minimise the amount of money going out in loans on houses. Tough 'shugar' if you really need a house,it does not suit our fiddling EU beaurocracy,sometimes referred to as modern economy.Will it change,any time soon? The mess the greedy EU has got into.I would not bet on it anytime soon.The Economy messing probably needs to go on untill the EU goes Kaput!Or they start a massive war,somewhere around the East-ish!That could explain where vast amounts of money have gone over the last decade.

More News coming

Portuguese Protest At Last!

This is the first time I have heard of the Portuguese backing their Spanish counterparts in getting out on the streets.Out on the streets to say hands off our wages,pensions and services etc,etc.This is so good to see and one hopes to see these protests getting bigger and louder.However they must be scrupulously peacefull.

These protesters must watch out for and expose the "renta' mobs" the EU will probably employ to drag them down.This is a very cynical ploy used by British Governments to defame all kinds of protesters.It is dirty and underhand and we know that the EU is learning from the dastardly methods of British Governments both past and present.They do not really care if anybody believes the protesters are turning to violence! They just want it on the front page of newspapers so peoples of other countries will believe the stories.This gives them the moral upperhand globally.

So you Spanish and Portuguese protesters make sure you look out for these mobs of youths who will be bent on smashing shop windows,for the benefit of strategically placed cameras and by non violent means prevent them from going about their business.They are not hard to spot as they do not want their identities known so they will mask up and usually arrive by the coach load for maximum effect.

You protesters need to grow your cause,it can never be too big.If possible involve whole families,it is more difficult to drag down morally,groups which exist of men,women and children.

The main thing is to involve millions of peacefull protesters and to stay the distance.Do not let it crumble after a month or two.Easier said than done,I know but organisation for successful protesting is essential.

The Algarve Gestapo.

If you thought the Gestapo died at the end of the second world war,more fool you.After that quest failed in 1945 they merely went into hiding and have been setting up EU domination dressed up as first the "Common Market" and then the "European Community", etc.Bad NewsJust take a little time to study and see how inhumane this organisation is towards 'ordinary folk'.Please do not point out the 'court of Human Rights'.It is nothing of the sort,unless you consider those with obscene amounts of money as the only 'Humans'.It is most certainly not open to you or me.As a disabled guy I can tell you there are many things I would like to bring to the "Court of Human Rights".Do not believe the disabled get well looked after.They might have for a very short while but that is all gone now.Apart from a mobility allowance (which by the way is a charitable organisation not government),there is a pittance for 'Care',it certainly would not pay for any sort of professional care in your home,it is such a small amount.I am sure this is News to you.My wheelchairs have all been paid for by myself,and I am not capable of working by the way.In ten years I have had nothing in the way of help.I explain that so you understand i nor you have any hope of getting to the "Court of Human Rights". Think of your own country,is legal action open to you? I bet this is not News to you.Could you afford a solicitor? Answer that one yourself!

So why are we mentioning the Gestapo? Well read below many of my previous News posts about the heartless EU (which is actually a dictatorship,just you do not know their names)and you should begin to see what a money grabbing organisation it is.With the largest costs going to keep thousands of puppet European MP,s in blatant luxury so they will back the EU cause and ignore the plight of their local constituents.This should not be News to you but known fact.

So the point today is to try to show you how the Gestapo still exists and the poor countries of Europe have had them ,literally installed at the very head of their governments to 'screw' money out of the low paid and to cut every kind of service supplied by the state,or local government.You know this is fact not News to you.

So for the Algarve step forward, Pedro Mota Soares’ the Gestapo in Portugal.His mission is to cut every service your country supplies.The EU learns from UK government,who have already done this in England at least.These are the services supplied for the tax you pay and the national insurance you pay!He is busy removing all your rights and services!Again fact not News to you.He is busy stealing your benefits and your private pensions and lowering state paid pensions.It is downright theft.The debts your country is supposed to be in is a lie (Read News lower down where I explain this).Whilst doing this with one hand he is raising taxation with the other,so in effect you are paying taxation twice.What a wheeze,eh!"Bad News"

His latest mission? To chase everybody who has lost their business because of rising costs,imposed by the EU (his master).They will be hounded for any tax and insurance they were unable to pay.By this I mean the small businesses who have nothing left to defend themselves with.Their debts will be massively exploded with interest and court actions and they will be made to pay,one way or the other.This might be through selling the family home and chucking the family on the street or forcing them to take out a loan they cannot afford or simply reducing their already minimal benefits.Now the richer debtors who have something to fight with or just know the right things to do,or know the right people, will pay nothing.

This EU Gestapo leader in YOUR COUNTRY will hound and steal from the poorest 70% and reward the top 30% with even more wealth.Fact not News to you!You will get poorer still,time will prove this to you.There will be no more rising out of poverty by value of property.They have already killed that route!More News to come.Not all Bad News.Sometimes I find good News

Algarve Teenage Public Drinking

I have read reports that the problem of youths drinking to excess in public places,such as busy pavements,is becoming an increasing problem in parts of the Algarve.For a tourist reliant region this is a problem that can be disastrous.

News.It has been said that these street boozers get very drunk and then harass passers by both locals and tourists alike.This is unbearable in any area but in areas reliant on tourism it can lead to a drastic drop off in trade.People on holiday will be frightened and upset if they cannot walk the streets safely and without having abuse hurled at them.It will almost certainly mean that those holiday makers who have been bothered,will never come back again.Even worse they will advise everybody they know not to go there.This can have a rapid cumulative effect on a region.

The Algarve as far as I know has not been bothered with this sort of teenage behaviour before.Why is it raising its ugly head now.

News!This occurs in other countries when the native government stops caring about its people.It is a big thing with national governments to reduce policing so people are living in fear.Fear of out of control youngsters who know they will not be bothered by the Police.I have to say that at this moment in time this must be the overiding reason for this antisocial behaviour.Because of massive cuts (fact not News to you) imposed on Portugal by the EU it is a great time for the goverment to drastically cut Police Force costs.If it was not the cause then it would definitely not be happening.If the Police turn up and clamp down hard on offenders it soon gets stamped out.Obviously the Police are either not turning up when they get reports about this problem.Or they have their hands so severly tied that even if they do turn up they cannot do anything and these yobs know this.

Why do Governments want people living in fear? Well people are less troublesome to the authorities when living in fear.They soon find out that they cannot do anything about it and end up keeping to themselves and not getting together to complain about things.Great News for Governments and a great reducer of costs. Residents of the Algarve need to get together and stand together in protesting about the lack of Police presence and control.The only way is to form large groups to protest loudly and continuously.Do not allow things to drive you indoors and not talking to your neighbours about the latest News.You must get together and protest and protest continuously untill the government has to do something.

Police Action in The Algarve

Apparently some efforts are to be made to bring the police a little closer to the Algarve population.This is Good News! However is it really genuine or is it just a pretend plaster over the toll road disaster.

Things got very heated at times over these road toll introductions on the A22.News!The Algarve is a tourist industry region and therefore wages are low and the charging to drive on the roads was therefore a very emotive issue.Not surprisingly many local attacks were made on the equipment to the point the poilce had to mount watches.Why does the EUSDM (european union self-devouring monster) have to penalise the poorly paid,hard working local people.If they just charged the wealthier tourists nobody would mind too much.No that would be too much to ask of the out of monetary control European government.Their greed is just mind boggling.

To keep all its politician workers in hock to the dictatorial nature of the EU,those very dictators have to keep the politicians of all member states (countries)in a state of luxurious wealth.Remember all these politicians vote to keep their local constituents in this dictatorship.They do not care about the over taxed pockets of their own people.They do not care about the hopelessly poor wage packets of their local population or about those ever spiralling costs of living.Their own people they consign to this misery so they can have fat wage packets and bulging tax free expense accounts and subsidised meals and transport.The reason they spout for voting their local people into this slavery is that it is essential to be linked to European partners for trade and decision making.False News and Total bunkum! Being part of this unholy union makes a countries exports so expensive that it is difficult to trade with their own european partners let alone compete on the world stage with developing countries not burdened with such a wealth sapping Over legislating 'Uber Government'.As to being at the decision making table,what nonsense! When was the last time the EU passed any beneficial legislation for the lower 80% of its citizens.The answer is never it is always doom and gloom and more taxation.Never good News!So much for your local politician or your country being there to protect your interests.

So back to the News of the road tolls in the Algarve and the move to bring the police closer to their local communities. What chance of success does this drive have.Well since the police will have to enforce the increases on these road tolls and they will have to enforce the inevitable future taxation of this out of monetary control beaurocracy.I would say there is little chance of the local Algarve population becoming closer to their local police force.

News.There are two things certain in Europe. 1 politicians will continue to be the only people who gain from being in Europe and 2 your cost of living will continue to rise while your wages purchasing power gets less!

Renting and The Potuguese

What is it about the Portuguese? It is impossible to rent a holiday apartment to them because virtually all of them want to pay when they arrive.For any really genuine rental company this is not possible.Some might do it but since cheques on the day are just not safe,it generally means cash changing hands usually outside the apartment.Most companies have to charge a deposit or you could end up with none of your bookings actually turning up.It is then normal to take a final payment 2 months or 1 month before arrival.Everywhere in the world it works like this but not with the Portuguese.Strange News,I know!

They say there are so many scams on the internet but you do not have to fall foul of scammers.If the company or owner advertises on one of the big holiday rental sites,they almost certainly are genuine and will not do anyrthing to ruin there reputation with the rental company.News is this is where most of a rental companies bookings come from.Now of course you could get the odd scammer on one of these big rental sites for a very short period but if they are prepared to disclose all their contact details and you can verify these as genuine then you are on fairly safe ground.The most genuine ones will have their own website and you can tell if it is genuine by the amount of work put into it.You can also contact the Big rental company they are advertising with.They will be able to put your mind at rest.Good News.If the customer is very new to them then some extra caution could be wise.If they have been with the company any length of time then they have to be genuine.

All nationalities in the world accept this,pay a deposit and then the final amount when due.Not the Portuguese

What is it that is so different for them?News! Well many of them go to the Algarve in very large parties and they know that most rental companies and holiday property owners do not accept large groups. so they pretend to be only a small group,so they do not want to be signing any documents as to how many people are going to be staying in a property. Also many of them have got this culture of turning up and refusing to pay the agreed amount .Unfortuneately for these people there are rogue agents sub letting holiday properties for owners and they will accept this kind of booking because they have no intention of being beaten down and the price is always high.No News There!Because they are not taking deposits they have no way of knowing who is genuine and will turn up.So you can be sure they are saying yes to loads of different customers and the first to turn up and pay get the apartment.The rest who turn up just get told "nothing to do with us,you must have spoken to another rental company.However we do happen to have a spare apartment but the price is hundreds of euros.Take it or leave it". You can be sure they are totally ruthless and are there to win.

Sadly the property owner is being defrauded as well.It is all cash and the property owners are getting little if any of it.This is called Bad News for the Portuguese who are genuine but distrusting,they always end up paying far to much.All for the sake of thinking I will do a few checks,the best being a check with the online rental giants,who will tell you everything you need to know about an individual advertiser.Wise up people of Portugal,realise you are falling into bad hands taking the turn up and pay cash route.Be safe.Check up and pay up for a fair price,for you and the owners.More News to come.Good News and Bad News.

Algarve Rosy Future!

Despite the bad intentions of 'them' EU monsters (read post below and some of my older posts),the Algarve is just too good,for the tourists to be driven away.Tourists love the place and the rising costs forced on Portugal will not keep most of them away.The road tolls as well,they will either avoid them or put up with them if they want to get somewhere quickly

For these tourists the Algarve is good News,it has one of the best climates in Europe,with the best air to be found anywhere.This air is guaranteed as the Algarve runs for 200 kmh along the Atlantic coastline.No stuffy landlocked sea here,just the clean fresh air straight off the bluest ocean imaginable.

The beaches are to die for and can rival anywhere in the world for their lovely golden sand and so many are blue flag to!.The tourists will keep coming and they come from everywhere to spend time in this Atlantic Paradise.

Apart from the tourists,many nationalities are choosing to make the Algarve their home.There might not be many jobs and certainly not well paid ones but it is an easy place to set up a little business to serve the tourists in one way or another,You would unlikely make your fortune but you can make a reasonable living,if you use your initiative.

So whatever those expensive EU politicians have up their sleeve next.Somehow this lovely little region on the most southerly coastline in Europe,will manage to keep going,probably much better than most of its rivals.

The region has done pretty well in what has been a deadly summer everywhere.It might not be heaving as it is most years but it is pretty busy,unlike some other major tourist hotspots which are and have been dead this summer.Parts of Spain have really struggled and there are wide open spaces on the normally shoulder to shoulder,jam packed beaches.Despite their popularity in the past,the Spanish themselves love the Algarves beach resorts and its refreshing Atlantic breezes,during the summer.

It all adds up to "Great News " for this sublime little coastal region of Portugal. apart from all the foreign visitors the Northern Portuguese love it here as well and swarm down in their thousands. what better News could anywhere ask for!

"Good News"? Flipping "Best ever News"!

Those Darned Road Tolls.

The A22 road tolls are so bad for the economy of the Algarve.Wages here are so low,certainly for those at the bottom of the employment ladder.For the locals it is just not feasible to have to pay out for this new tax on the region.

That is the first arguement against them.The second is the effect on the people living and working along the N125.Their lives are blighted by heavy traffic using their road instead of the new motorway.Traffic jams and pollution are the two main nuisances caused by these tolls.

This is all directly down to Europe and its stooges, currently dictating over Portugal at the behest of their European masters.

These people just do not accept that "you cannot get blood out of a stone".They are intent on proving you can,whatever it does to you,whatever the social and economic cost.

I am pleased to say that at least in the Algarve there are people trying to help,although I feel their efforts will go unnoticed by these uncaring politicians.These politicians are the ones benefiting at the cost of the bottom 90% of the EU population.It is they who get regular pay rises.Not always noticeable payrises,albeit! Often the pay rises are in untaxed expense accounts.These bloated beaurocrats get everything payed for them.Their journeys to and from work (if you can call it work),their suits and shoes bough and,subsidised if not totally free meals.All at the expense of the ordinary worker.In comparison lets look at a construction worker.This is somebody who totally ruins his/her clothes during his/her working days.He/she does not get anything in real terms for the wear and tear on their clothes.The politicians will claim he does get a tax allowance for his clothes but in reality it amounts to buttons.He/she does not have an expense account to go and pay for new clothes.No when his/hers are totally unwearable they have to go without something to be able to go and replace them.Does a constuction worker get payed his costs for getting into work and back home? Not on your life! This has all come out of very meagre earnings.Is their breakfast and lunch subsidised at all? Not flaming likely!

Remember,people like these have to really graft and their wages have probably not increased in real terms for many years.All their work expenses though are rising all the time.Yes rising interminably and directly because of the inflationary pressure of keeping our EU politicians in the style they have become ,accustomed to!These very politicians no longer represent their communities in any meaningfull way so they can hang onto their "fat perks".They will not even think about the ever worsening plight of their local workers,many of whom are going deeper and deeper into debt,because of the cost of going to work

Now these workers either have to pay road tolls or go the long way round,using more petrol and putting more into the EU through fuel duties.

You might think,something has to give! Believe me,it does not.They do not care about your misery or your debt and the further you go into debt the more you pay in interest charges.Thus they are "scewing" every last drop of blood out of you.Debt cradle to grave is all that awaits the bottom 90%,unless you all sit down and refuse to go to work.You won't do that though! Will we?

I will do it if I know you will support me! How can I know you will support me.Not possible for me to know,or for you to know! Our masters rely on that simple fact and so can get away with whatever they want! Frightening isn't it? Bad News again.Sorry!

More Problems Due to Lack Of Money In Portuguese Economy

So now we hear that vital roadworks have come to a standstill in the Algarve because the main contractor has money troubles (more bad News).In this type of situation money should be no object! We are talking about safety and public misery here.

This is the busiest time of year in the Algarve and these roadworks should have been wrapped up months ago,ready for the summer traffic. We know the Local Councils have had their budgets cut but we are talking safety.Who is the person who says "stuff public safety.". I find it totally mind boggling how governments can now ignore Health and Safety!The buck has to stop with our European Union Rulers.They are allowing Goverment and Councils to get away with murder.I use the word murder intentionally.If people are hurt or die because of lack of political will,then it is murder through neglect

.It might not be so,legally but morally it most certainly is.

We all know that lack of money is being used everywhere to not do or finish essential works.

Just think on this a minute,since the inception of the European Union cuts have been imposed.That is thirty years of cutbacks on all public expenditure.At the same time we have had thirty years of tax rises.Not only tax rises in the conventional method.Just think of the tax revenue raised from transport.The revenue collected through taxation on every one of the millions of cars sold.The revenue from fuel must be astronomical.Then there is the money from road tolls throughout Europe.How about the enormous amount of revenue from computers,mobile phones and broadband.We could go on and on.We have not even mentioned the crippling VAT or whatever else it is called throughout Europe .All that extra revenue,along with mind boggling cutbacks.They try to blame it on the welfare state.(false News)It is not a viable excuse.The welfare state was in existence before the European Union existed and governments were paying it without all the extra revenues we have mentioned.What is payed out in real terms has been cut back massivevely,just like everything else.

So how come we have these thousands of billions of debts.There is an awfull lot wrong with the way our masters spend our money.Not just wrong but indefensible.Why does the world have to be run on misery? We work and pay taxes to aid our masters to make our lives a misery.Of course I am talking about the bottom 85% of us.The rich are getting richer and having a ball! How much more can they drag out of our pockets? Well as it happens,a lot more!They will have us all living in debt from cradle to grave,so in fact you will be worse off than a slave.A slave was housed and fed at no cost.You are paying for the privelidge of being in debt and paying interest on your debts.That would not be quite so bad but those debts do not die with you.Your offspring have to pay your debts as well as their own (Bad News.This article is not pesimistic.It is purely looking at the facts of existence on this earth for those of us not born in the right place.Which is most of us! Algarve outstrips Spanish Tourism<"font">

Good News for the East Algarve at least. I have recently read that many Spanish hot spots are all deserted. The usual tourist influx is just not happening for some reason and it is not only a lack of money in consumer pockets! How do I know this? Well for two reasons. We have had our highest summer uptake of weeks booked,ever! If there was no money our apartments in Conceicao de Tavira,within walking distance of wonderfully popular Cabanas would not have been fully booked throughout June,July and August.Not only that but normally quiet September has a good uptake of bookings,as well!

Cabanas is only a little ex fishing village set on a lagoon,just Fifteen minutes drive from the Spanish border. We hear from many Spanish people who live in the Spanish hot spots,who say that Cabanas is just their favourite tourist paradise. Apart from this we have seen for ourselves and heard from customers that both Conceicao and Cabanas are really crammed with tourists. As usual! I cannot speak for the whole of the Algarve but we did visit Albufeira in central Algarve and it was pretty busy in July. August is generally the busiest month, by far! So this suggests the rest of the Algarve is doing ok!

Perhaps Spain is a victim of its own success.They had the visitors en masse but failed to invest enough money,back Into the local economies. We do know that the money spent in the boom years was on cheap rubbishy holiday homes.Homes aimed just at the tourist with no thought at all for the traditional Spanish architecture and lifestyle. Now people are just turning away and these areas just go into decline and get drab ear and crabber as less money is spent on them.

Now I do know for a fact that the Tavira Camra (local council) which encompasses Conceicao and Cabanas are determined to keep the area traditional and not obviously aimed at the tourist. Nothing now is allowed to be built over three stories and boy does it pay off . The whole region looks fantastic and all the better for the absence of tall apartment blocks. Money is spent on keeping places looking nice and traditional. When people dies over this little paradise in the sun they tend to keep coming back.

It also helps that that in Cabanas they shut the seafront roads to automotive traffic and spend money on plenty of live entertainment in the streets. What more could anybody ask for. Give yourself a break and give Tavira,Cabanas and Conceicao a try next summer. Or how about a winter break.There is normally plenty of winter sunshine but of course it cannot be guaranteed but then where can it be.

Car Hire Rip-offs!

Horrible News!This article was brought to fruition by an event in the Algarve but from what we can tell it affects everybody today who hires a motor vehicle.

It concerns a lady who hired a vehicle for her Algarve holiday and after about eight days she was sure the clutch was slipping and contacted the hire firm.The company tried to make her keep the car but she insisted they supply a new one.She later found they had used her card details to draw out 1800 euros from her bank account,so say to pay for a replacement clutch.This is "Bad News"

It turns out this is the latest ploy by car hire companies,to make peoplke pay for something that has gone wrong with the car,if there is any chance it could be blamed on the hirer in any way.It has become a big problem apparently throughout the industry.Now we all know this is not right,most of us hire a car for journeys to take away the risk of using your own.So for example you hire a car something goes wrong,it is not your cost.The hire company is responsible to collect it and repair it.This has always been the case for car hire!

So now they want to move the goal posts and start taking advantage of the fact they have your card details.They are using the trick of banking on the fact that you cannot afford the time or cost of taking them to court.We all know any court action takes a minimum of 6 months and costs thousands of pounds.

These sort of tricks are becoming ever more common!Not just by car hire companies but any company dealing with consumers.Let us be straight here,these companies are having to resort to these dubious practises because the EU is so expensive to run.The EU is imposing so many new taxes and costs that business and consumers are all cash strapped.So much money has been taxed out of the economy that it is now,purely fight for your survival.Whatever it takes.

We al;so have to add to this that European and national governments in colusion with the banks are allowing "sharp practise" to go unpunished or unchecked so some businesses can perloin monies from hard pressed consumers,to avoid going into liquidatioin.

It is quite simple!Is it not?that government says to business you cannot just use consumers credit card details to take money you are not entitled to take.In other words they must raise an invoice and go through proper channels and people be given the chance to dispute a bill,before taking money.By this I mean any money other than the original amount agreed between the company and the customer.They should not be allowed to go on using the card details without going back to the customer.Another way to put it is one presentation of the card equals,one transaction only.That is only fair and right.Unfortuneately this sharp practice has spread into direct debiting as well.

All this muckiness can be laid firmly at the feet of the EUSDM (european union self devouring monster).It demands more money hourly and the price is everybody is short of money and looking for any way to extort extra money from anybody they can.Even if that is unfair or dishonest.This is not new "News!"For business it is survival at any cost.Since the EUSDM will continuie getting more expensive to run by the hour,the more they are going to extract from the economy (our pockets) and the harder it will be to survive.Untill the EU implodes this is the only thing that is certain,other than death,another activity getting costlier by the hour!

So much bad "News" but we do look for "Good News".You will find some in our older posts,lower down this News page!

Portugal Olympics TeamChecking the Portuguese Olympic News as of wikipedia,Portugal Olympics according to WikipediaI was surprised how big the team is.There are 77 competitors,comprised of 45 men and 32 women.

considering the small population of Portugal,that represents a considerable achievement.Remember you do not just get given a place! No far from it every single participant has to earn that place by achieving extremely high qualifying standards.So for a country of only around 10 million the Portuguese can be very proud.Remember Great Britain is a similar....ish sized country with a population of around sixty million.

Olympians represent the extraordinary people amongst mankind.You can only get a few such amazing individuals per million of population.Neither are these Portuguese athletes just qualifiers to make up the numbers.There are some real medal hopefulls amongst them and some genuine potential Gold medalists.I did say potential I do not want you to go away with the thought Portugal could come away with a few gold medals.

To get the right picture you have to look at China Beiging 2008 where Portugal won 2 medals,1 gold and 1 silver.Hopefully they can improve on that medal count in Great Britain's London 2012.It certainly not be easy as a number of the countries best medal hopefulls are out injured.

Portugal Gold Medal News.

In the history of modern Olympics Porugal has had 4 gold medalists.Nelson Évora who won the triple jump in 2008. Carlos lopes who won the marathon in 1984 in Los Angeles,breaking the Olympic record,no less.Rosa Mota who won Gold in Seoul 1988 in the marathon.She is widely considered to be one of the best and most prolific marathon runners of all.Her list of marathon victories are many.Finally Fernanda Ribeiro who won the 10,000 meters in Atlanta 1996 with a new Olympic record.

So there are some proud Olympic achievements for the 2012 athletes of Portugal to hoefully add to.

Portugal Could Give Europe Two Finger Salute!

Potugal really does not need Europe!They managed fine controlling their own economy for centuries before the "very expensive one" came along and drove it "so say" into unbelievable debt.I will repeat that.Unbelievable debt!

Despite all this economic pillage Portugal is managing to increase its exports by nearly 9%.Is this proof that the EU does work? Nah! Sorry,these export increases are not with European Partners.Far from it they are with the likes of China and other non Eu economies.They are with countries not saddled with crippling costs and taxation nightmares.Countries not crippled with "Unbelievable Debts".

Now if Portugal can do this whilst saddled with such huge costs,from being in the EU.Imagine what they could achieve if these massive economic shackles were to be removed.Portugal of course could never be an economic powerhouse.Not with its tiny 10 million population and their delightfull motto of "never do today,what can be put off untill tomorrow".

Portuguese ministers are suggesting a solid drive with support and training to keep this positive export drive going.

It seems the French are supporting Portugal,having enough confidence in its economic viability to put considerable investment behind this export push.News wishes to state that indirectly matters about the Portuguese economy comev from an varticle first published in The Algarve Resident

Money,Money,Money EU!

During our visit to the Algarve in July 2012 we had need to use the N125 motorway on a trip from Tavira to Albufeira.This was to show me solid proof of how much effect road tolls are going to have on the Algarve economy and more importantly on the pockets of the poor.

Not just money is involved here either. The system for payment is both time consuming and costs further money as you will need to use your car unless you are very lucky to live within walking distance of a payment centre.

Let us take a look at the journey we took. Give or take our trip was half the length of the Algarve possibly 60-70,m (very guesswork ok!).the journey was of course quick and virtually traffic free.I say of course as the majority of traffic is clogging up the urban daily life routes through ordinary folks lives! Of course we had to make the return trip from Albufeira to Tavira and I of course was keen to know what the cost of this,almost certainly daily trip, would turn out to be.

The driver went to the post office in walking distance of our apartments to pay and was back too quickly! No he had not paid! That local post office was not a designated payment office. Turned out a car trip was needed down to Cabanas to pay. The cost? 10 euros! So now we knew for anybody commuting daily a similar distance five days a week,the money lifted from their salary would be an enormous 40 euros nd we know this is going to be increased in cost almost year on year and wages are stagnant!

This is only one of the costs and just the tip of the iceberg on the effect on a persons wallet.I remember noticing the toll for lorries and commercial vehicles was something like double that of the private vehicle. So absolutely everything you need for daily existence is of course,more expensive.There are of course many other increases in costs to the ordinary man /woman.

So there we have it,proof of the effect the pernicious road toll will have on your lives. This new tax goes directly to the ever open jaws of the EU treasury and is only one of the daily added costs to you the taxpayer,imposed on your daily spending by the EUSDM (European union self devouring monster.)

This of course will never stop. In my lifetime I have seen national treasury speak go from millions,to,hundreds of millions,to, billions and now trillions! What is next? Zzzzzillions on on like some monstrous black hole,forever pushing common man into deeper slavery and longer hours of slavery,just to put bread on the table. It is pure unadulterated evil.An evil your local Mp announces as totally necessary and the only option. The first country to manage to escape this monster would have such low overheads that it would be able to sell its goods to anybody in the world. Even the highest politicians are keen to get the best bargain.I am afraid it is all too late. They can keep this going by cooking the books and inventing Gazillions and zzzzedrillions and evermoredrillions,to keep the rich growing ever richer and the poor ever more "hunchbacked"!

More Portuguese Food"

Below I stsrted descibing the Portuguese food we trialled for our daughters wedding.I discussed the Canapes and starters,which were exotic but all basically edible to a food wimp such as myself.This chef came up with different food which was definitely posh enough but was suitable and hearty enough for the English pallette.There was no squid,no snails or cuttlefish or clams etc.I know some English people can stomach these things but I think the vast majority of us still balk at the thought of shoving them down our necks.

The mains were very good,basically each course he would supply four dishes and we had to try all of them to see if we could come up with clear winners for each course.It cost us an average of £150 each to fly over for this tasting and the tasting cost 110 euros.Call me hopefull but I would have thought it would have been free if he got the order,or deducted off the total cost later on but there was no mention of that.The future groom insisted on paying as the bridal pair requested us to go over and help.Further to this my daughter has just said the weddiing planner told her it will be deducted if the chef gets the order.That appeals to my sense of business fairplay.Good!

So what were the main meals from this Portuguese chef.One we all thought would be horrible was golden Bream fish with Banana in a crispy pastry.It turned out to work surprisingly well.Bannana with fish? Who would have thought it,but it was clever.This dish was rejected though because it was felt that peoples immediate reaction would be the same as ours and would shun this dish.The clear favourite was chicken stuffed with dates and a clever mix of different sauces.There were just so many clever tastes going on,in the one dish.Nobody who was hungry could be offended by this type of Portuguese food.I am still writing from the Algarve using a pay as you go dongle.So my News will stop here today.To be finished when I return home tomorrow.Saturday 21st august 2012.

Writing From Portugal.

Just light News today as I am in the Algarve at our apartments in the Algarve.This trip is just pleasure as we are here meeting wedding planners for our daughters wedding next year.

Our daughter and fiance wanted us to come with them to help with the food tasting,to select a menu for the big day.This gave me a chance to really sample some traditional Portuguese food.

Now I am very unadventurous person with food.I think I am brave if I try a new breakfast cereal!

The chef was to bring out a selection of Canapes for us to taste which included goats cheese with various fillings and Portuguese salted cod amongst other things,I would have preferred fresh cod but their salted cod is a great delicacy.To Them!I guess it comes from not having supplies of fresh cod in the past.Cod is a cold water fish.I believe!

Starters were a varied selection.My choice was a half a pinkgrapefruit stuffed with chicken and prawns and a pleasant sauce.In fact the wedding planner has made a note that father of the bride is to have the grapefruit starter.The others preferred other starters,lemon risotto rice with prawns in garlic.Thengoats cheese parcels with honey and Almonds and another goats cheese on a bed of apple.All of them were bearable and if really hungry I could eat any of them.So I am very happily on my own there.Whilst this was going on we were sampling various delightfull red and rose Portuguese wines.I am a red wine lover so normally find rose too light and frivolous.However this Rose was a fantastcally grown up red colour and was very pleasant on the pallette.The red as is the case with Portuguese wine was like a fruity bombshell.I do not know why Portuguese wines are not better known.They are filled with endless hours of sushine.I will come to the Portuguese main meals and the amazing "puds" another day.

On the economic front there are plenty of tourists here but it is definitely not as busy as it should be.Families are obviously not taking the foreign holidays as much as they used to.The EU has just sucked too much out of the economy.In particular the holiday consumers pockets.Those who are here are clearly not spending as much.Eating out I think is the big loser.Those doing the eating are in the hotels on the fully inclusive lark.This all inclusive is all very well but hotel standards,in my eyes are lowering standards and the common story is "the food is ok".My bet is that maintenance and food standardsin hotels will get worse.Year on Year!

I hope I am wrong!

Road Toll Nightmare

Why is it that everything the EU government imposes on us all is always ill planned and a shambles.Like the road tolls on the A22and on the N125. It is because of political greed which means it does not matter how much money they raise,it is never enough and never will be. It is as I say in older posts on this News Page lower down,a "Monster Out Of All Control". The "EUSDP" ,European Self Destructing Monster.This is not a joke,it's demise is certain,time of deletion to be decided.We need it to be sooner rather than later for the sake of all our souls.

Thet have introduced these tolls in hast to capture the tourist invasion of summer 2012,with no thought and no concern as to how it will work and how devastating it will be on the regions roads. They need to cancel it now. It is commonly agreed it is going to cause sheer unadulterated havoc and pure misery in the summer heat.Motorists will be queuing up for hours on end at the odd payment machine and post offices.Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the Algarve every summer and every one of them is going to be put through the cruelest torture just so these political dinosaurs can over-feed their faces and increase their decadent luxury.The politicians all agree with the EU because it panders to their every need and puerile whim.They care not a jot about the public they profess to serve.

The Eu must cancel these road tolls now,they must consider all those young children stuck in endless ques in blazing heat. It is only human that they should cancel this grab for money and spare families misery. For goodness sake ,politicians forget yourselves,stop being cowardly and living behind lies and corruption and for once in your lives ."Speak Up".Make some good News for once..

Algarve Buyers Beware!

I received an email from a well known Algarve Portugal estate agency online.It showed some 30 odd properties.Included were 1 and 2 bedroomed apartment,townhouses and villas.The Photographs showed some fabulous looking properties,many with pools.Below each picture the usual prices.I say usual,however there were some shockingly cheap prices.The before price was shown with the reduced price below.Some were dropped by over 100,000 euros!Good News?

Now I have been saying that prices for desirable property was and is still far to high for the money available to the few buyers around.Does this email prove me wrong or has there been an almost overnight change in pricing of property.I had to take a closer look,just to confirm what I have been urging for several years,is finally happening.

Myself and my wife,Chris started clicking on properties and indeed to look at the pictures they were very gorgeous properties with lots going for them.Then we started noticing things.The photographs were so good,too good for normal estate agency pictures.These were high class professinal pictures making small bedrooms look bigger.Amazing the sleight of hand which can be achieved with modern digital cameras with very wide angled lenses!All the better aspects of the properties were beautifully captured.These properties seemed to have everything going for them.

Then we started looking closer and reading the descriptions,which as you would expect,were glowing.You had to look closely to find the reasons for these vastly reduced prices.Many were new builds and if you looked very carefully you could see little signs that they were unfinished and the estate possibly largely uninhabited. We have seen these in the Algarve ourselves and seen this on Television News and documentary programs. Ghost towns!Bad News!There are hundreds if not thousands of these littering the Algarve.Totally unsellable property.They had tried hard to get the photographs to mask this fact.What about the properties that were not new builds.Well many had the square meterage missing.If you know "your onions" the sqare meters are always put in if they are generous,if they are missing you can be sure there is a reason. They are small,or cozy in estate agency parlance! Other things began to appear,they might be advertised as in Tavira or Lagos or Albufeira but then on carefull reading they turned out to be inland. You can be sure if they are trying to hide this there is a reason.The location will be poor with perhaps no shopos for miles,or maybe no bus routes or even worse faults.

These are all property professionals "old tricks".They show all these lovely low priced properties to make you ring up in haste.In reality probably the only ones you would actually be taken to would be the ghost towns.Thease are the ones they are desperate to sell.It does not matter what the price is for these.It is too high!Buy one of these and repent at your leisure.The others are just there to disguise and to fool you that you would be seeing a broad range of properties.

Once you ring their hard sales tactics swing into action and unless you know about these things you will be dragged into a visit.Once your are committed you are doomed.If they get you out there in the Algarve your feet will never touch the ground.You will be worn down and signing something and handing over deposits.Many even insist you take 2000 or more euros cxash with you.Very dodgy!Just be carefull,the old ones are often the truest,"if something looks too good to be true.It almost certainly is!Never let estate agents or any alleged property professionals drag you abroad.It will affect your "financial health", very badly!More News to come shortly.

Ridiculous Property PricesPortugal is suffering from stupidly inflated property prices.Some prices have dropped but you can be sure these are the unsellable properties and even at the 85,000 they still have a way to go before they are a viable rice,to match the current money available with buyers.Either trade or private.

The rest of the properties are being kept at a massively inflated price.There HAS TO BE A REASON FOR THIS! In the past the estate agents set the prices tosuit the market.

Now call me cynical but when something,anything, is "Bucking The Market" you have to look to Politicians and there advisors economists. I think there are 2 reasons for this silly policy.One is Europe needs the money that normally is lent to business and the housing market. The costs of this monster are so high they are borrowing the money and then pretending to lend totally fictitious amounts to the poorer countries and charging them high interest. You only have to look at the daft amounts supposedl being lent.Europe does not have this kind of money and it could not borrow those inflated amounts from the banks.No it is all a ruse to put extra funds into their overblown coffers.It costs vast amounts of money keeping the hundreds of thousands of politicians happy not to mention the armies of plebian workers. Then the bankers who are pulling strings to help them,have to be kept quiet.Hence the massive bonuses for making losses.It is not rocket science.Others out there have to have seen the not well concealed,"sleight of hand" being practised to the tune of trillions of euros. Of cousre all the economists and top accountants ,who are bound to have seen what is going on.They have to be "looked after".

I said there was another reason and that has to be Capital gains taxIf they let too many prices fall too far then the Capital gains taxes would fall to zero.Can you imagine how much money is involved throughout Europe in Capital gains tax!

None of this is helps the common homeowner in anyway in fact it keeps him poor and the News is that because these monsters are keeping wages strangled.It is going to be a very long time before things improve for anybody other than the rich. I have to suggest that as long as the EUSDP (european union self destructing monster) survives,The News reads "more so called Austerity"

Give your help To Salgados Lagoon,Algarve Portugal.

Further to the article yesterday,which you can read below.It is essential for more and more of us to stand up and add our voices to stopping the wanton destruction of all wild life sanctuaries.The politicians berate us for using our cars (although it was them who decided to base western economies on oil usage)and continually stop us having small extensions and similar things and then with a stroke of a pen,sign for the destruction of large swathes of environmentally important green land.

Once this stunning lagoon sees the diggers and concrete mixers it will be gone forever.There is no need for this wanton destuction as there are thousands of acres of unfinished developments,just waiting to be finished.They do not want those however.They want prime waterfront properties for the rich and four and five star hotels for the wealthy who are seeing more and more money float from the pockets of the poor into their own coffers.

I say why can they not take an already started development inland and add lakes or whatever it takes to get the wealthy to buy,rather than destroy prime ecological sites and the lives of folk who live and work on these valuable natural havens.

You.Yes YOU! must add your vcice to cause of preserving and protecting these natural resources from the greedy developers and even greedier politicians.It does not need millions,but hundreds of millions of voices and signatures,protesting against this callous destruction.Please go to this link following and join up now and look for others to join up as well... Please go to this Salgados link now and join and sign the petition.Two minutes of your time!

Please do not say,"I will do it later", News Flash!You know you are busy and it will never get done.This next two minutes define who and what you are and what you stand for.When you have signed please copy the web address in the browser at the top of the page and then share it with your mates.It is easy just paste it into an email,select all your contacts and hit send.Nothing could be easier.Only if you do this NOW, will we have any chance of changing "political and Corporate greed".

Remember millions got out on the streets to protest against the Iraq war being started.This News page says it did not stop them!Hundreds of millions of people are needed.It does not have to take much of your time,just your voice.Others are doing all the work to make it easy for you.Continuous pressure has to be applied,continuous and unfaltering pressure so they know the protests are not going to go away! EVER!

The daily News has to report hundreds of millions are protesting! This Algarve News -page will keep returning to these matters.It is VITAL!

More Corporate and Political Greed

I had worrying emai News this morning asking me to help in a petition to stop more wanton destruction of nature reserves in the Algarve.This time it is the Salgados Lagoon lagoon between Armacao de Pera and Albufeira to which the greedy dewvelopers and their political friends ,have turned their attention.They have between them agreed a a 230 million euro investment in this very important ecological region.They propose to build a five star hotel,plus a four star hotel and apartment blocks plus yet another golf course.Bad News "Or What!"

This is just disgracefull to even consider when their is so much land with unfinished development on it.The Algarve simply has been ruined enough.How can any human being want to more damage to such a beautifull area. These people care about nothing except profit. I do feel really sorry for them,it must be a miserable existence when you care about nothing but money and yourself. The soul must wither and rot inside these people.

Everywhere you go on the Algarvce there are unfinished developments with ugly cranes blighting the landscape,we just do not need any more. I believe it will be a very great many years before these developments are completed.People think the economies will pick up in a few years.I have News for them! They are kidding themselves,the financial mess is so bad that wages will not be enough for a long long time,to get people buying on these bad developments.Why add to this mess? Chances are it will be started and not finished but whatever the outcome this lovely and important ecological site will be buried under concrete and tarmac for ever. It does make me mad!Have these people nothing inside them,nothing to say when enough is enough? I am afraid we already know the answer.This will not be the last blemish they inflict on prime nature land in the Algarve.These things will go on and on because they always have to be filling their grubby little hands with yet more cash.

I will be back very soon with more on this Terrible News with a petition which I hope many will sign. The petition is set up by a dedicated organisation and everybody who cares at all about the environment they live in should make sure to sign these petitions,whenever they find them.Very vast numbers are needed to back these issues,if we are to have even the slightest hope of influencing any of these "money morons". The smae ones who would fine and imprison any ordinary citizen for laying a paving slab where we do not have permission.The same ones who berate us for using cars,when it was they who made it impossible for us not to.

Algarve Economy

So what has happened to the Economy of the Algarve since the Bad News of the so called European loan and austerity measures! .Portugal really should not have accepted this crippling European package without a fight. Other countries have not just blindly accepted it and have got better deals than Portugal. < p>. So the outcome has not been good, with crippling road- tolls adding to the pressure. Portugal does not get any of the money. It all goes to Europe. There is just no benefit from this deeply unpopular, new taxation. This move affects all transport costs and thus forces prices up.

Of course thiere are the direct austerity measures affecting the economy as well. Increases in general taxation, of course force prices up. Nobody really knows how much yet. Many taxes are via the back door method,ie added to things you do not yet know about. Europe has become expert at finding new back door taxes. IVA has risen as well and since nowadays this is on most things one knows it has forced prices up. Of course there are the crippling loans to be paid. Again adding to the upward. Trend in prices. Next we have government cuts on services. Since most of these services are essential,money has to be found elsewhere.

all of this has had a very detrimental effect on the economy,making everything more expensive,and then some. This all shows uoj in businesses closing down.and jobs being lost. Higher prices means fewer visitors to the Algarve and those who do come have less money to spend. I am afraid none of it does any good for the Algarve economy and the immediate future holds more misery as prices continue to rise. All extra money raised benefits the region, not at dall it all goes to Europe to keep those greedy Mep members in ever increasing. Luxury. Sorry to be the bearer of bad News< p>Euro Football

Euro Football News,Portugal have done it ! They have got through to the European Cup Football Semi-Finals. It was a well deserved victory over a rather dull Opposition.Portugal were the only side who turned up to play and play they did.

In their last few games Portugal have shaken off that poor start in the first game and have played some of the best football I have ever seen from them.Ronaldo has grown immensely in stature and is playing for the team. He has worked hard,played with brilliance and shown considerable patience. So many great goal attempts have been denied to him by the woodwork or good goal keeping. He has shown that he has grown into his role as captain and finally taken over from the great Figo as Portugals talisman.

Whatever happens now,Portugal have given their fans pride in their national team. If they play with the same style and class in the semi final it would not matter too much if they did not reach the final.Most fans want to see their team play good skill full football and can live with losing if their team plays with class and pride.

The Portuguese team have done everything that can be expected of them. The fans can be proud whatever happens now. Good on you Team Portugal and in particular Ronaldo. I am now a great admirer of the new more mature version of a new Portuguese football legend.

Algarve Golf.

The A;garve has a very busy Golf itinerary over the next few months.The Golf courses in the region are numerous and of high quality.You can get some idea of the number of courses on our page looking at the courses of the Algarve and what they have to offer.

Coming up! The Golf Algarve League which involves six teams is playing its last rounds on June 24th 2012 on the St Lorenzo golf course.The competititon started out with eight teams,even those eliminated can carry on participating,just not up for prizes and placings.This final round of matches will be followed by a great meal in Almancil at sumptious restaurant Neito,s.

Starting 21st of july will be an exciting competition between Portugal and Spain and England and Ireland.This competition will be held at Castro Marim and spots for players we understand,are still to be filled.There will be four captains,one from each nation.Keith Millington captains England.Joaquin Muniz captains Spain and Michael Hegarty will do the honours for Ireland.Firmeno Galego will Captain the Portuguese team.It promises to be an exciting event.

The Nations cup will be played on the 7-9th of September 2012.The main sponsors of this prestigious event will be Visionaires.This competition follows a very similar format to the Ryder Cup.10 teams or nations will be represented,playing rounds on the Pestana course of Vila Sol.Teams will be from Lisboa,Algarve,Madrid,Andaluzia,Uk,Holland and Germany and they will each be limited to 8 golfers,many being International standard.

Finally for the moment is a competition of England versus the Rest of the World Golf Teams.Everybody picks on poor old England.We saw England v ROTW RECENTLY IN FOOTBALL AT WEMBLY RECENTLY.The golf will be at Pinheiros Altos golf course Algarve on 23rd September and will be called the "Monte da Quinta Challenge.".

Want more information on these and other golfing events go to Golfocus for Algarve.

Fantastic Ronaldo

Now I have to be honest but I have never been a fan of Portugals number one footballer Ronaldo.When he was at Manchester United I could not see what all the hype was about.Last night though in the Euros on 17th June 2012,I fianally saw what Ronaldo can do and it was very impressive.Mind you it was because of the service he got from the rest of the team!

Portugal played a blinder and just like I urged,just down this page,they got off their bums and took it to the Dutch opposition.The Dutch side is full of stars and honestly talented players but they were made to look distinctly average by a hustling,bustling Portuguese side.I do hope the team can keep playing this way,it was a joy to behold,with everybody playing a vital part from deep defence to "your man" himself,Ronaldo.

If the team can keep improving and raising there attacking game.The News could well read Portugal reach final of Euro 2012!

Euro Futbal Howzat!

Oh Sorry.That is cricket! Never mind my two favourite countries just won their matches with good attacking futbal (football in English).I could not be happier about the styles they won in .Both lost a lead and showed the tenacity,spirit (if they are not the same),and skill.Goals scored from open play were in big evidence and great News! Unheard of!What more could you ask?

Well rather a lot,actually! They Gotta@ keep it up,game after game! Will they do it! I doubt it,they never have before,in Englands case since 1966 playing the world cup at home!

Untill one of them wins a major competition in a foreign country,they are not bona Fide champions in my opinion

Could either of them win Euro 2012? I doubt it very much. However can you remember the News when Greece won the European Cup.What were they doing later on? Oh yeah' hosting the Olympics. If you were in the know and put huge sums on "no hopers " Greece before it all started,can you imagine how many millions could have been raised towards the Olympic Games.Mind you Greece were struggling then and it was the spiritual home of the games.So I do not expect to see top class defences going walkabout,as they did for Greece.The games in England are just a month or so away and evertyhing is built.

Both Portugal and England are going to have to play out of their skins and run like dervishes on performance enhancing drugs.Just like the Germans and French do!

They will also need copious amounts of unadulterated luck and plenty of free kicks in advantageous positions,oh' several blatantly offside goals as well! Plus,plus no serious bookings.Poor old Rooney,hardly gets on the pitch for international competitions.

There was another footballer who suffered like that and who got no protection from horrific fouls,ever,in International games.

Now who was that? Oh yes David Beckham! He was English as well wasn't he? I really hope I am wrong but I do not expect the football News to read......Portugal Win! Or England Win the Euros'.Call me cynical! If you want!

Portugal Algarve Sunshine

We have just flown from miserable cold and wet Bristol in England and arrived to temperatures in the high twenties.

Fantastic blue skies and wonderfull fresh air.It really is one of the best places on earth to holiday.We rent out our apartments in Conceicao just 10 minutes from Cabanas and its beautiful beaches.Summer in the Algarve from our bookings is mostly families and this year the British seem to be coming back.Last year they were conspicuous by their abscence.

The heat in the Algarve,for me is never as opressive as other places because it has those lovely Atlantic Ocean sea breezes.

It is not Paradise but is about as close as you can get to it on this earth.

My News to all,is if you have never been to the Algarve,by hook or by crook find a way to get here.You would never regret the effort.There are 3 regions and something to suit everybody.The West Region is the water sports enthusiasts paradise.Central Algarve Region is for night life people.East Algarve is for lovely beaches and a more "laid back" atmosphere,with many things to do but not the best night life.A little quieter.

All regions have superb beaches so no matter which one you choose.We find September is becoming very popular nowadays.It used to be that trade died at the end of August but now september is a good time for a nice still very warm holiday.October is usually a lovely month and one of the times we choose to come over to check over our apartments after a busy summer.

Even winter can be warm and suny if you are lucky with your dates!

Football For English Ex-Pats.

. After Portugal making there sit back and pay for a draw. What will today's News be for English football supporters? With many to players missing and an untested new manager leading the International team,I fear England could be in for a footballing lesson from an established and long unbeaten French side.

Certainly most Bookies will have the French as favourites,so English fans can hope this will put pressure on the French footballers. I think that might be a forlorn hope though! They are an experienced and confident side unbeaten for over 20 matches. I do not really think this incomplete English team will bother them too much!

England's best hes are that the players seem to be enjoying a relaxed atmosphere under the management of Roy Hodgsen.Let us hope that theylay above themselves and take the French by surprise. After all,every unbeaten run will reach its fulfilment I am concerned about talk that the new England manager is contemplating one lone striker up front! This is just not good enough in modern International tournaments,more sophistication is needed nowadays.As we saw with Portugal playing for a draw,leads to constant attacks and sooner or later they will probably score.Then you have to chase and score at least twice to get a win.Much better good defence and three good attackers,playing with some flair..

Portugal Football Euro 2012

Oh my goodness! Bad News! What on earth were Ronaldo and co' thinking ? Was it the players idea or the manager. If it was the manager they should separate him from his managerial post!

Portugal have so many talented footballers. Men who could play for any club in the world. Furthermore they are blessed with great individual skills and flair. So whose idea was it to sit back and play for a draw? It never flipping works! It is suicide at International level.

it has been shown by Brazil and Spain and Barcelona that talent responds to being given free reign. Most of the time those sides come out on top. Ok not always but it is much better for the players and fans if they play great football and lose occasionally. The fans do not appreciate watching their footballers defending on mass and punting long balls up the field.This really wastes the talent of the likes of Ronaldo and Nani (is that the right spelling?) .Unless those long balls are delivered "Beckhamesque" or stunningly accurate those forwards will never get a chance to do anything!

Of course once the Germans had scored,Portugal start playing football,the way we know they can but it was to late.Those needed goals just would not come.Now what a different game it would have been if they played like that for the whole 90 minutes. They would almost certainly have won. Germany just would not have had the luxury of mounting attack after attack. Total Defensive football is Bad News for any side and any fans.

Come on Portugal play your natural attractive attacking football and hope that it is not to late. We do not want the News that Portugal have not made it out of the group stages! What a crying' shame that would be.The manager wants a bomb up his backside! That is putting it politely!.

Portuguese Debt ?

Remember the horrendous debt Portugal was meant to have run up since joining the EU and the euro. Remember how Portugal was reduced to "junk status"!. Flaming cheek. What!

What has happened ? It has all gone so quiet! Greece and Spain are in the News daily but not Portugal. It seems that the Portuguese just shrugged their shoulders and accepted their fate. They just took the "austerity medicine" without a whimper! The Greeks and Spanish on the other hand have got out in the streets and at least have made life impossible for the Politicians to inflict their total damage. These two countries have a fighting chance of getting out of Europe and so saving their economies in the long run.It will be very hard at first for countries going back to their old currencies but once things settle down and the benefits of being free of the horrific costs of being in Europe seep through. Then they will be able to undercut all the EU member countries and their economies will revive.Might take 10 years !

Those 10 years of working towards recovery would give that or those countries massive fervour and optimism. in contrast the timid Portuguese will still be paying all their spare money to the EU and their economy will still be in the doldrums. No hope for the future and no boost in optimism,just "gloom and " doom. Come .on Portugal get off your bums and force change on your government.The alternative is just to horrible to contemplate. Just eternal debt and servitude to the EU monster. Mind you the Eu will collapse eventually,it is just a matter of when. They cannot keep returning to drain the economies of its members,there is nothing left already.It makes me wonder what the real dictators of the EU have planned . It has always been war in the past !.

Algarve Bargain Holidays

News is that if you have not booked your holiday yet a lot of holidays in the Algarve seem to be underbooked this year.There are many summer bargains to be had if you are a late booker.Camping sites in particular are apparently suffering badly in the region and will I understand be offering some great deals.

This is great for the British as the euro is lower against the GBP,so that is like a double benefit.Cheap holiday and more spending money than last year for your pounds.

Anybody going to the Algarve and is hiring a car,needs to read on.It is very easy when leaving Faro to get on the new toll road and you must be aware that you have to go to a post office before you leave Portugal and pay for any tolls you have incurred.If you do not then you will be traced via your credit card through the car hire company and they will deduct your payment plus extra charges.So when you leave the airport look for signs saying N125 and you will avoid these pernicious tolls.The N125 runs from one end of the Algarve to the other and has no road tolls,so you can drive to your hearts content.With no worries!

News Correction

Before I get a flood of letters,I just want to clarify something I said about owners not reducing the price of their properties.I should have made it clear,they have dropped the price.What I meant is they will not drop their prices enough to tempt the sharks who go around buying property from desperate sellers and nor should they!

The News is there is a realistic price for property of all types and most have not yet dropped their prices enough.They do not want to accept the true value of their properties.There is a big difference between this price and the one money sharks are prepared to pay.These money sharks are not all bad mind,they are taking a gamble that the market will at some time pick up again.So they might well have their money tied up for a long time.Also in buying from desperate sellers,it is likely the property maintenance might have been neglected by cash strapped owners.

It is not really the fault of property owners that they still over value their properties.No certain EU and American leaders pulled a massive stroke aided by the banks to fool the people that the economy was far stronger than it really was. Certain leaders behind certain unjust wars,were only concerned about their places in History and created the view that house prices were much better than the markets and especially wages warranted.This is why todays leaders cannot or will not stop the massive bonuses to bank leaders.These people were doing the bidding of those western Warlords.They provided the money for hugely inflated mortgage payouts,the payouts which stoked up and fuelled that ridiculous ever upward spiraling of house prices. The real News is,Today's leaders have to protect those Warlords and the bankers who basically have taken the blame for what happened.Hence the massive bonuses for failed policies by bank captains.All this has still left the belief that properties are still worth more than they actually are.

Let me just point out how a flat rose in 12 years from £63,000 to over £120,000.This in a market that could not deliver wage rises to the vast majority of the workforce.This was where the bankers came in,lending money to people that they could not afford.Of course none of this has never had any mention in the media of any sort.People need to keep their jobs and the conspiracy to pretend the economies of America,the United Kingdom and the EU were far better than they really were.Of course in some desperate areas in the United Kingdom prices have had to drop to realistic ranges but in others perceived, better off areas the myth of property values is still stubbornly being clung to.It is not News that this is helping to keep economies surpressed.

Weak Property Market

News for the Portuguese property market is not so good and rather surprisingly it is the Algarve taking the worst hit,demand wise.I think the reason the Algarve is suffering badly for sales is a general stubborn attitude to dropping prices.Indeed as far as I can see the only region,along the coast to drop prices is the East Algarve.

Is this due to the estate agents or the property owners.Since estate agents need sales to survive,I tend to think it has to be more to do with the owners.

Lets be honest,those who had overstreched themselves financially will have been forced to sell by now.So it would seem those left in the selling market do not ,have to sell!They can obviously afford to wait for a fair price.Great for them but not the property agents and not the Portuguese economy.Figures for EU countries show Portugal is actually the worst affected country which is rather surprising as it geographically and climatatically is one of the best bets throughout Europe.

Some good News is that more budget airlines are finding it viable to open up new roots to the region.Last year it was Ryanair who opened up a base at Faro airport.This has helped considerably in bringing down fairs.Now we hear that the more Northern based UK airline Jet2 is opening up more low cost routes to the Algarve in particular. I think this is very much needed!I have been made aware that the camping sector in the region is suffering a big drop in tourists for the upcoming summer season.If they are suffering then other sectors such as hotels will be suffering as well.This forces prices down but is not so beneficial as one might at first think.I have already seen a drop in standards in the hotels I have visited in the Algarve.As tourist sectors suffer they spend less on maintenance and even more crucially on staff numbers.Reading through many hotel reviews from customers,I can say this is the major area of concern.People would like to spend a little more and have decent standards from their holiday venue.Those venues on the ther hand have a need to drive numbers of clients up.Bit of a catch 22 situation.I know from experience visitors want quality even when they are paying less.They are not business people (the majority of them) so they have no concept that they should expect less,when paying less.They are not concerned about the financials of the group or establishment and why should they.It is a big mistake for any tourist establishment to let hygeine and maintenance or general upkeep to suffer.

To them I would say,find any way you can to cut costs but it is vital not to cutback on hygeine and general upkeep standards.It is a false economy to do so,it will all catch up with them very very quickly if they do.

Todays Algarve News Is Brilliant!I found some good News for you today.

It has come to light that the cheapest food in Europe,is to be found in Portugal.This was reported in the Frugal Traveller.Even better is that though cheap,the food comes in for high praise too.

It is reported that a delicious bowl of fish soup will often be found for 3 euros.The Algarve in particular is noted for its fish stews.This is good fare indeed as the fish is generally a daily,local catch so goodness and taste is guaranteed.

It has also been found that quality 4 course meals can be found for around 10 euros.Now that really is good for the modern financially hard pressed tourist.You really could not ask more than this.

It should be remembered though,you will not find these prices in restaurants accepting credit or debit cards.In fact this is a very expensive way to dine,these days.No the frugal traveller needs to plan ahead and seek out good exchange rates before they go on holiday.Forget the high street for money exchange,do your hunting on line.Great rates of exchange can be found online and will not take up lots of your valuable time.In these economically hard times one needs to keep ones card in ones wallet,especially in Portugal.Over there only expensive establishments accept cards.Do yourself a favour and plan your money.Buy as many euros as you can possibly afford (if you find a good company they will agree to buy your leftover euros back at a good rate).If you run out whilst abroad there are plenty of cash machines to get a few more euros.

If you plan properly and draw out enough,you just need to set yourself a daily limit and do your very best to stick to it.

Some extra advice for tourists carrying large amounts of money.It is essential to buy a discreet money belt and use it at all times.You would not believe how many people lose or have their holiday money stolen.Get a decent quality cash belt,the type that sits discreetly under your clothes.Never go to that belt in public and you will retain hold of your money.

So for a great holiday with cheap delicious food take a look at our apartments in the EastAlgarve.You will not find cheaper,high quality accommodation anywhere.We have very low overheads and work hard to deliver fabulous prices to our customers.Take a look at the blue buttons on your left and have a good read about our apartments in one of the best locations on earth.Todays News Has I hope been good News and usefull information!

East Algarve

We bought our first apartment in Portugal in the East Algarve.I would like to say it was because,that was where we really wanted to be.It would not be true though.The real reason was because we had a maximum of 85 thousand euros.It was in the East Algarve that a tidy apartment dropped from 90,0000 euros to 85,000 euros,just as christmas was coming.So we snapped it up. As it turned out we had found a fantastic area,with a superb location.It was close to the Spanish border,making trips to places like Seville,very easy. The apartment being with-in minutes walk of the Algarve Railway and Conceicao station,made it an even better choice.We can visit anywhere along the Algarve,very cheaply.

The area is blessed with many cheap bars,restaurants and cafes,which is great in these hard times.However there is something strange with the local trades persons. Whenever we wanted work done it was very expensive.The locals seemed to live in another world.When we wanted a window replaced with french doors a local business wanted 4000 euros.Common sense and economies told us this was not right.So we spoke to a lady in an eatery we used.She put us in touch with a local old boy who was out of work.Great,he was bound to give a sensible price.! Wrong! His price? Yes,you got it! 4000 euros. Perhaps in the Algarve this was what we would have to pay. In which case it would never be done. In a local paper we found a builder from Albufeira advertising. Now Albufeira is over an hours drive from Conceicao near Tavira. We did not hold out much hope but phoned and they came to see the job.Their price? 4000 euros? No it was 1400 euros. What a relief,I can tell you and the job is done and done better than we could have expected.How is this News? Well I will explain very soon what we believed happened to cause people in the East Algarve to overprice themselves so drastically and it all has to do,with? The European Union Self Devouring Monster,or Brussels by its other title

So another day of News,why is it that the people of the East Algarve seem to overprice themselves so much.

Well this region was mostly the preserve of the Germans and the Dutch.This was their holiday spot in Portugal. The English and Irish tended to accumulate around Albufeira in the Central Algarve and they liked to party on their holidays.Therefore this region became all hotels and nightlife.Ruined really.

The Germans and Dutch did not appearto hanker after so much night life.They bought their holiday homes and spent money keeping them tidy.Hence there was a lot of work for the builders and handymen,in the Portuguese households of East Algarve. Obviously the Germans and the Dutch had enough money and did not mind the inflated prices being charged.

Around 4 years ago when the economic collapse was coming the German Government pulled its people out of the Holiday Property business by introducing a tax on them.The Germans sold up in their thousands and left the Algarve.Portugal.Who?

Go back a few months Portugal was as much in the News as Greece and Spain.Move forward to the present and one hears nothing at all about Portugal.Why is that.The Greeks and Spanish are still hitting the headline News.

I am not totally sure why this is the case but what we can all see is the Portuguese seem to be taking the "austerity measures,with bearly a whisper.

There were troubles over the road tolls but these seemed to be more individual incidents! Rather than any sort of "united front".

I think the Portuguese are a fairly private race and not much inclined to band together and protest.Lets be honest even their military coups of the past have been bloodless.The attitude about everything seems to be.I will do it tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that mind!They are not easily going to be pushed into the stress ridden,rush,so many other peoples are forced into.I am sure their health is much better for being so laid back.

You can see the Greeks and the Spanish out in the streets,literally raging against their EU masters.Not the Portuguese way! Is it? They just let it roll on by.I wonder if it is to do with their geographical location,that they are so unconcerned.They are right on the edge of Europe buffered from the New World by the mighty Atlantic Ocean.The other side is buffered from the rest of Europe by a huge Spain.On top of this they are in the most so economically poor that they face no threat from anybody.Neither economic or military.They just do not need to worry and THEY DONT'T!


Somehow I know whatever happens to all other Europeans,the Portuguese will remain,Unconcerned.Their pockets picked clean my Brussels and the EU but not too bothered."Let them get on with it seems to be the motto and they will do what has to be done,when they get around to it!

,The Euro

A big reason why the British are going abroad this year is that the Great British Pound has risen a little against the Euro.Thus offering them more spending money in European Union Countries.

It is a weird situation which has seen a currency which has been inherently week since its inception,climb from 2 euros to the GPB to very near parity a year or so ago.That is incredible by any stretch of the imagination.If Europe had done something amazing economy wise I suppose it could just be possible but remember the Euro remained strong whilst it was drawing in all the poor European countries.This was something we did not understand untill this business of plunging these poor countries into ULTR MASSIVE debts.Debts whish are just impossible anywhere but inside the money grabbing European Union.Now with austerity measures,higher taxation and mega expensive loan repayments,to ? Who else but Brussels! WE CAN SEE THE EVIL INTENT TOWARDS THESE POOR COUNTRIES,by our European masters..Algarve Holiday News

As we own apartments in the Algarve,which we rent out.We have a unique view on how the economy has affected those who prefer to book their own private holiday,rather than using booking agencies.

Last year was very bad for these private holidaymakers.We found a massive,almost blanket drop off in those seeking to book private accommodation.The British seemed the most highly affected.However we did notice a quite noted pick up in trade in the cheaper and quieter september and october period.It was as if people were refusingto go without ant holiday.They could not afford high season holidays but by "hook or by crook",no economy was stopping them altogether.

We expected to see the same pattern this year but surprisingly,people have 'bucked the trend" and have returned to the private holidays 'big time". It has turned out to be our best year ever.

We think tese people may have tried other maybe cheaper options (orvwhat they perceived might be cheaper) holidays and found it worked out more expensive.Or just did not enjoy,either staying at home in their own countries.Or being herded in less private holidays,with other people.

After all if you are a private person,nothing else will do and staying in your own country,usuallyturns out dull and more expensive.

People soon see through "false economies" and are not going to have their once a year holiday "reward for working hard",taken away for any reason and I say "good on 'em"!Algarve Holidays

How have all the EU economic "shenanigans" affected the tourist based economy of the Algarve region of Portugal.p>Well it appears the number of visitors might have actually increased but adversely,these visitors have less money to spend.So overall it seems that down at the grass roots level of the economy (ie shops,hotels,hire compaies etc,etc) that the pinch has really been felt..It had been noticeable after Portugal entered the EU,that the number of visitors and property owners increased.However none of the new visitors were spending much money.This was perhaps noticed most from the English,who no longer had money in their pockets.Hence the rise and rise of budget airlines and the cost of renting cars,or hotel rooms plummeting.At the grass roots of the economy,Portugal was hurting badly.Of course if the roots hurt,it does not take long for the pain to be felt in the "greedy upper echelons".Those upper echelons ,read Politicians,who can do nothing for themselves but who cost the EU MORE AND MORE BY THE DAY..It seems to be beyond them to realise that if yiou keep removing money from the pockets of the worker ants,the whole nest will eventually collapse.

The Portuguese economy and in paticular the tourist side is hurting very badly indeed.Just take a look at the cost of a hotel room and the decine in standards in those hotels.Or look at the silly amounts you can rent a car for.The EU FRANTICALLY LOOKS FOR NEW WAYS TO FEED ITS EVER COSTLY AND INCREASING ARMY OF POLITICIANS.For the latest,read AUSTERITY.That word really means,reduce services and tax the poor,more and then give the money to us,the "politicians"

WARNING.There are only so many times you can visit the well,or remember the "old one",about the "goose and the golden egg".These old adages have never been more relevant than in these times of the "rise and rise" of the European Political Class.Which means the EU of course.

They themselves cannot face up to these economic facts,they do not even want to think,what comes for them after the "demise' of the EUSDM..THE "NEWS" IS BITTER!

Is it Legal or right

We need to clear somehtnig up for Portuguese readers.In England it is against the law to leave children under a certain age not attended by an adult.However we have had undeniable evidence that as far as the British Government is concerned there is one law for the privileged and professional classes and another for the working sclasses.If a normal Brit' left their children unattended by an adult and anything happened to one or any of them.Then they would face legal action and there would be no ifs or buts,because the "Law has been broken.

So where does the British government get the idea that they could step in and declare a no fault and leave off policy,when professional people have blatantly done wrong? It stinks!

Most of us Brits' are outraged when our government does something like this but nobody knows when the press in Britain get gagged as well.One thing we all know,without question is this.Decent law abiding people will always and without fail,blame themselves when another person has suffered,due to their actions.Most of us know that it is only right and honest to look up and say."I did wrong and if I had not done that then that person would never have suffered.We would say "It was our fault" and we will never forgive ourselves".

We British have an inherent distrust and dislike of people who will never ever look up and say."I am so sorry,I blame myself for what happened".When anybody is incapable of doing this we always start asking ourselves WHY!

So to the Portuguese people who do not understand.News is!!That is the truth of how normal British people feel and you sometimes might not be able to see that.Especially when our press has been "gagged"!

Portugal in Or Out

All you will ever hear on the TV is that all of us are so much better off inside the EU.This is because politicians control what we see and hear on the News channels.They have complete control of all the News Media.A classic example,all my working life I used to have an alarm go off at 6pm and the radio would come on with the news.I used to hear some real eye-opening News on that early report.On my travels during the day I would listen to the news as I went between jobs.Those pieces of news I had heard would be gone,never to be heard again.I guess the people who monitored the media and filtered out things not for common consumption,just could not get up early enough to prevent me hearing them.

Now as a 57 year old with a severe injury ,I cannot sleep and listen to the news channels at all "Unholy" hours.The same thing is still going on.Articles of news get filtered out after 6 am.All I can say is if our governments and politicians were genuine and honest,they would not need to resort to selective juggling with the news media.

No ordinary person in their right mind wants to stay in the EU, it just daily removes more money from our pockets.It will never change because it is a monster out of control.It needs more money daily to "feed its ever fatter face".Politicians have no skills,no experience in thrift or self control.All they know is that there is a "well" called,"The Public Purse" and they do not stop to worry or care about the dropping level of the "Public Purse" or the pain of the poorer levels of said purse.Of course even though we are apparently totally "Skint",they can still find tax cuts for "The Rich".I have never heard a more pathetic excuse about reducing tax bringing in more taxation.It is rubbish!If people are of a mind to invest in business,they will do it,regardless of the tax rate.They are doing it for their own reasons.You are not going to hear a stampede of entrepreneurs,shouting,"whoopee!!! five percent less tax.....Now I can really make some money!"

Possibly that might happen if they released the constraints strangling enterprise and reduced tax down to 20 percent.Free enterprise might just take hold then!

Visit The Algarve

Why should you visit the Algarve? Well the main reason for me is the climate.Not just the 3000 hours of "stonking" sunshine,it gets on average but the fresh soft healing air.Being on the southerly most point of Europe facing right onto the blue Atlantic Ocean waters its air never gets stale as can happen in some other hot countries.There is nearly always a refreshing breeze to be found.

Tha Algarve people are friendly and well suited to the tourist industry,with their laid back attitudes.What is more they are very good at it!

The architecture is very warming and full of character with the traditional whitewashed villages with bright blue highlights,they are so distinctive and look so clean from a distance.Then there is the Moorish architecture which seems to sit well with the traditional houses.

News worthy are the three distinct regions,east,west and central Algarve.All have something different to offer the tourist.All different in what they can offer the holiday maker but all easily visited.Whichever region you choose for your vacation,you can get from one end of the Algarve to the other in around two hours.

Just to end this article the Algarve beaches are as good as any in the world and nearly all are kept to blue flag status.With the white to golden sands and the refreshing bright blue Atlantic waters,they are very desirable indeed.

Politicians Why Do They Cost So MuchThere are numerous reasons why costs keep spiralling mostly due to Politicians.

Firstly the leaders of the EU and leaders of individual countries are financed into office by Big Business and groups such as Gays (Tony Blair).All these financiers want big things in return for the backing they gave these leaders.

These leaders want to be insulated more and more from public opinion and believe they are doing what the public wants.So the layers of Politicians keeps growing,as do their ranks.The most recent layer being all the regional assemblies.These things keep adding exponentially to the tax bills of countries and the EU.

Next the nature of people who choose politics is such that they will do nothing for themseves.They do not know one end of a broom from another,or one end of a shovel from the other.Getting their hands dirty is just not in their remit.Therefore every dot,every nail,every leak or blocked toilet costs money.When you consider their vast ranks the daily costs of this are astronomical.

News.Their expense accounts are obscene,they get everything on expenses even their clothes.Not cheap clothes like workmen,who get a paltry annual sum for clothing that really does get ruined by the work.News.The only part of a politicians clothing which gets worn out is the area adjacent to their backsides.Can you imagine what this costs us.News.Then they get rents and mortgages paid.Who else gets this as tax free expenses.

I only scratch the surface of why politicians cost so much but you get the drift and can add your own.

EUROPEAN TAXATION NewsThe poorer people of Portugal are suffering badly from the so called austerity measures imposed on them by the greedy European political machine!Portugal is a little like England in that they just take it on the chin and do not complain much.

It is a good job that not everybody is so quiet and laid back.It needs somebody to make life difficult for the "European Self Devouring Monster!!News we welcome the courage of the Greeks and Spanish and all others who at least make their feelings known and get out and Protest.

One day I believe that the sheer greed of the EU will bring about its own demise.It is never satisfied,forever needing more money and raising taxes.Fortunately for the ordinary people of Europe it is bound to self destruct,it has lost all control of itself and of course the pockets of the people of Europe are not bottomless.This is not new News!

Read lower down the page and you will see that I stated that this was the very reason they wanted the poor countries outside of Europe to join the EU.So they could push them into so called debt and then pick their pockets.It was the only way they could increase revenue.Those pockets are nearly empty.News.There are a few poor countries like Italy whose pockets they are setting up,for emptying.The "well will run dry".That is the only consolation any of us in Europe have at the moment!

The New Toll Road Scam

The new toll road through the Algarve is causing more and more anger.The natives have shown their anger very vehemently! We now hear of tourists falling foul of the system.

It seems when leaving the airport,that signs direct people onto this toll road.Once you have been on this road you have to go to a Post Office and pay via your credit card.People have told us of ques of up to an hour because of irate travellers in the ques. It seems if the person who had the hire car before you did not pay you have to pay their fine.This is nothing short of theft and corruption.Because everybody who hires a car has to give their credit card details the authorities get their details from the hire company and charge the owners card for the fee plus a large fine for not paying.This is definitely big brother tactics but to charge people for others debts is criminal.This must be sorted out and anybody who suffers like this should report it to there countries embassy at the very least. It has also come to light that the European Self Devouring Monster has declared that since it paid for the road it must have all the fees collected from it.When you consider the amount of taxation all motorists pay anyway it is nothing short of extortion to charge road tolls as well.I am afraid this is all part of a monster which is forever needing to find more and more and more money to keep feeding its fat faced politicians and keeping them in ever more luxury.This quest for more money will never end!

Lets Talk Algarve News

Despite all the bad News and gloom over the economy the Algarve has plenty to be proud of and to look forward to.The Algarve continuously wins awards for high standards of tourism,which is a credit to the indigenous population.The Algarve will always be one of the most visited places on earth and not just because of its glorious weather and well known air.The golf is second to none as is watersports and many other sports and holiday activities.

Now we here about the international motor racing track being worldclass.This along with many other benefits can only be good News for the regions future.Tourism in the region is going to grow and grow,ensuring plenty of jobs (albeit low paying but with good perks).The people of the Algarve need not fear the future,they are doing things right and investing in the future.It is a good News story that I will always promote!Keep it up people of the Algarve and keep being amongst the best tourist hosts in the world.If not "The Best".The News is good despite the best efforts of Europe and its greedy politicians.

Being in EuropePoor old Portugal,the people thought they saw the Spanish doing nicely from being in Europe.They did not see the troubles bubbling under the surface.Troubles which would send Spain into massive problems. So the Portuguesae were conned into thinking Europe would be good for them.When Portugal entered the EU and the Euro their unemployment was just over 3%,now it is at least 14% and getting worse.

Under the so-called "austerity measures" it can only get much worse!As one resonably intelligent economist says these "austerity measures" are not sensible.

What they actually do is stifle national economies but Europe does not care and neither do the MP's who feed off of Europe.All they want is extra tax revenues from the Portugal's and Greece's of the EU.Cut salaries,cut benefits,slash services and at the same time raise taxation massively and force prices sky high.What a brilliant strategy to drag money out of their ecomomies and totally ruin them.

I used to think that economies were living things and could be understood.I now know this is rubbish,economies are manufactured by powerfull people and institutions.When they want all the worlds money for their wars or for intefering in national affairs,they shut the door to money supplies for the ordinary person and for businesses.Everything has to stagnate with no money to create jobs.This time though these powers have created the "Mother of all recessioins",one they cannot control!It is going to be at least a generation before anything changes if ever!As is the way our masters have got greedier and greedier and more and more meddlesome and created a runaway monster.The trouble is they take the view that they can keep dipping into the pockets of the ordinary taxpayers of the world.They no longer care one iota about ordinary men!All I can say is heaven help those following us.They will be born into debt and die passing their debts onto their offspring.All so the masters can have more money for their own pockets and to oil the pockets of the ever growing political classes who insulate them from ordinary taxpayers of the world.I used also to think their must be something we could do about it.Their is not!They have such control politically and militarily that they do not care about anything or anybody.They challenge with get into politics and do something but that is impossible.They control who gets into politics,they control political parties and no individual or individuals who manage to get in,can have any effect whatsoever against the snarling hordes of money guzzling politicians facing them.I learnt after many years of sole searching that thre is nothing that we the public can do to change anything.That does not mean we stop trying though.I will continue to "shout my mouth off".

Portugal Doing it Right

The News discussion by EU MP's was castigating the Greek nation and declaring Greece might have to leave the EU because of its refusal to push its citizens into further poverty.Well I do not know who did the refusing because it was not the Greek Government who spent all week passing new austerity rules.The throw away comment by some idiot was that Portugal was doing it right!

By right he meant they were doing what the Portuguese could not afford to have done to them.These Euro' MP's want locking up for life.They are supporting an evil institution so they can keep claiming their fat salaries and expense accounts.They should be fighting for their own people who are being forced into poverty and downright misery by the EUSDM (european union self-devouring monster).

We know what the EU puppets who are ruling Portugal,have done Right!They have increased taxes on all essentials like fuel,food and utilities,plus increased the VAT on the same goods.They have slashed pensions by around half and cut many more essential services.As I keep saying ,some 50% of the Portuguese are below the minimum wage and living in poverty.That is before all these new Austerity Measures.

How can all these "gits" in the Portuguese Government live with themselves? I tell you how. They have no morals,no sense of decency or fairness.They could not care less what is happening to their vast numbers of now "even poorer" people.They are just mindless morans who care only about feeding their own fat faces.They are not Human Beings in any sense!

News I just found out the "Greedy Bast___ds are even claiming for wear and tear on their clothes.Is there no end to this ever increasing cost to the European taxpayer to keep these "Animals" in their indecent luxury!

Porugal & The Euro

What has joining the euro done for Portugal? I struggle to see one good benefit from the inception to present day.At the inception of course everything and I mean everything went up virtually overnight.For starters when a new currency is introduced somebody sets the exchange rate and every price will get rounded up not down.For a country like Portugal with some 50% living below the minimum wage,this alone is astronomical.Since then the Portuguese along with other nationalities has had inflation which is due soley to the greed of the European Union money guzzleing Machine.This EU monster causes more price rises daily because of the sheer cost of keeping it fuelled and keeping the politicians in favour of something which is like a disease to their nations.These same are kept with ever increasing luxury and bloated wages and even more bloated expense accounts from defaulting and doing what is right for their nations.

Of course now these so called loans are forcing up costs by massive percentages,draining the poor pockets of every worker.The "austerity measures are just brutal and unforgiving ripping ever more out of the wage packets of the poor before they even get paid.So it is a "double whammy" on the poor and middle income earners.Less in the pay packet and frighteningly higher prices across the board.You can be certain that the EUSDM (european union sel-devouring monster)will only ever force prices up and wages down and when they need even more they will raid the savings of the ordinary people.Raid by blatantly stealing from their pension funds and doing dire deals with the bank owners whereby money just disappears overnight and the banks are bust again and the taxpayer will bail them out again and the banks will raise charges to pull more money from the working class.Having successfully pulled this off once you can be sure it will be done again,costing the poor workers more and more in price rises and tax increases.This is the very nature of the out of control monster that is the EUSDM! Heaven help us all!In the business world when a company gets too big and too costly to run,it either has to downsize and become more manageable or go into liquidation.Of course the EUSDM has none of these constraints,it just steals more from the workers,again and again and again and again!News is more misery and debt and poverty to come because these politicians and the actual dictators who run it behind the scenes,will neverr admit their "gravy train" is evil and should be put to sleep.

So lets look specifically at the Euro itself and its value or not to Portugal.

The euro is inherantly a weak currency.It has been since its inception and I believe ,always will be!For Portugal and other nations this means the nations wealth is just pouring out in a never ending stream.Weak currencies act like a sponge sucking the 2lifeblood" from a nations wealth.Ah but1 The politicians all say it makes your exports cheap!Yes it does but they forget the ever increasing costs of the EUSDM meaning that industry and general producers need more for their exports.Not less!This is why so many businesses around Europe are going Bankrupt! You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see if your prices are being forced down and all the goods and utilities you need to run your business are going up,then it will not take long to fail.The weak currency is also meaning anything a nation needs to import is getting more expensive.

You can see from this that the beneficial effects of a weak currency are far out-weighed by the negative effects.Other nations outside the EUSDM with lower costs are out-performing the nation states of Europe,because they are not saddled with the ever upward spiralling costs and the weakness of currency.

So the Euro News for Portugal? Disaster!It has already ruined and drained the wealth out of the nation.It already has little use for Portugal other than to make them repay unjust loans.The repayments of these Mega-Massive loans are even now draining away taxpayers money.Faster than they can pay it!

By hook or by crook,Portugal,get out of the clutches of the EUSDM.It will be hard but dropping to the bottom can be a good thing if handled well.The only way is up!With the Euro the only way is down!Make your own mind up.Give me some Good News to write about.

Politicians Selling Portugal

Thats right Portugal no longer belongs to the Portuguese.The EUSDM (european union self-devouring monster)has borrowed money from the European banks at a nice low rate of interest.They then cook up a story,with the help of Portuguese politicians.That Portugal is multi billions in debt.They so say lend this money to Portugal and charge them a high rate of interest.

The simple fact is that the EUSDM is so skint itself,it is pocketing these so called loans to prop itself up and then reaps in the loan repayments.They want to go round all the poorer countries doing this time and time again.It is such an expensive out of control monster that it just drinks money!It is doing this to survive!How many times can they do this.Rather a lot I suspect, as they do not care one iota about the poor citizens who are having to live in misery to keep this corrupt organisation in the luxury it has become accustomed to.Every day this monster costs more and more to run.That is why they are eyeing up Italy.The thinking being, if a little country like Portugal with a 10 million population can be fooled into believing it owes all this money.Then they can get away with calling Italy trillions in debt.The trouble is this monster organisation is so corrupt and so out of control that even the odd trillion euros will not suffice for long.

What will happen in the near future to the countries like Portugal and Greece who reach a stage where they cannot service these massive loans propping up the EUSDM.They will kick them out like so much old rubbish.

You see none of these politicians who have sold their countries to the EUSDM and that is every single one of them,has the slightest conscience about what they are doing to their own people.They voted their countries into Europe so they could line their own pockets.Anybody with even a modicum of sense,has always known this EUSDM was economically ridiculous.The silly lies they tell about trading together is total nonsense and they know it!It was even proved with the ERM (European exchange rate mechanism)that all these countries could not survive in a one size fits all economy.It was literally proved,and yet they still had to go ahead and drive the EURO NAIL into their countries coffins.(This is all fact by the way.Pure historical fact that you will never here one European politician ever mention.)

What sort of monsters do this to the poor people in their own countries.

From the days of the so called Common Market this whole scheme has been based on lies and corruption and every single one of them knows it! Just so long as the blood money runs into their fat bank accounts,they care not a jot about you and me..

These Bast--s said after the last world war,that next time it would be done economically.By that they meant the subjugation of the entire European continental countries.They meant it and they have done it.

The sad thing is that none of the 'yous' and 'mes'out there care a jot.Apart from a few brave Greeks nobody will listen to a word I say.Fact is very famous people have tried to tell you.Famous people who cared about you and me have tried many times and nobody amongst the masses of YOU really care enough to lift the slightest of fingers.You moan but that is all you will do.So really you all have your selves to blame.

You see I am disabled from a hard working accident and I am permanently in pain but I care enough about the really poor people of Europe to put all this down On the RECORD for all of the ordinary people of Europe!The politicians just laugh about "caring arseho--s like me.They know I am totally wasting my time but at least my conscience says I am trying.Does your conscience ever speak to you?

News for the AlgarveGood old Ryanair!The much maligned airline which overall produces by far the cheapest prices for the Mr Average flyer.They have changed Faro airport on their lists to Faro Huelva!Why have they done this? Well for them they are hoping more passengers on their Faro bound flights.

You see it is a fact that Faro airport is closer to many towns and resorts in South-West Spain,than Seville or Malaga airports.Ryanair want to grab many thousands of passengers who visit South-West Spain but never consider flying to Faro and taking the shorter trip from the Algarve over the bridge which crosses the Guidiana river and into Spain.Obviously it just has never occurred to these flyers that this can be done.Or many may just be sticking to the old routes out of habit.

This is good news for Faro and the airport at least!It means more revenue for the airport.More for car hire companies and more for airport transfer companies.This extra revenue will spill out into the wider Algarve community with extra jobs and expenditure at support businesses.

In time it will also give the hotels and resorts more business.As people start seeing the Algarve as they travel through to Spain,they will be tempted to try future holidays in the Algarve.I can almost guarantee this as the Algarve is a much more attractive country than the harsher Spanish one. So look out for a boost to the Algarve economy in the next few years! Say Thank You Very Much to Mr Ryanair.What a simple but very clever idea.The simplest ones are always the best.I know it was not his intention to help the Algarve but that simply does not matrter.Be thankfull for his enormous business acumen and the knock on effect!

We love to bring some good News now and again.It gives some relief from the always bad EUSDM (european self-devouring monster)News

03/02/2012Portuguese Economy Death StrugglesThe News is dire indeed! Entering the EU has destroyed the economy of the Algarve and Portugal.The country joined the EU because their politicians wanted it.This is how the EU works.They make certain the benefits for politicians are so good,they cannot say,NO!

It does not matter to them that it was obvious countries like Portugal and Greece could not survive in Europe.They never had big enough economies or industries which could cope with the strict impositions put on all industries and businesses within the EU.The EU politicians,including the Portuguese ones do not care what happens to not only the poor but families on tight budgets.Portugal and the Algarve is full of both and the future for them is more and more poverty as the EU forces costs UP & Up & Up,indefinitely! Countries like the United Kingdom have faced the same thing for 30 years and more.Costs never stop rising once you enter the EUSDM (European Union Self-Devouring Monster).Once you are in its clutches its demands and impositions never stop!I will say that again.Never Stop!

What will become of these countries like Portugal.The truth is nobody knows at all,yet!I can tell you what needs to be done ,is by "hook or by crook" they have to free themselves from this monster which is ripping its throat out!The alternative is ever rising costs,fewer and fewer industries and businesses and ever decreasing wages and rising costs.Misery for ordinary people is assured.Wages will not pay for their living costs and cradle to grave debt will follow.I have said it lower down on this page and I will say again.Slavery was evil but they were housed,clothed and fed.So how much more evil is this modern scourge of Slavery through debt.Working for not enough money to pay your living costs.

Either the EUSDM has to die or our souls will die as we live in debt to the state and become 'Automonons' blindly working at whatever is availabe at the behest of the State.We will owe our very existence to our governments.The more you dwell on this the bigger the shivers become down your spine".

I am so sorry the News is So Bad!I could tell European man what to do to break this monster but sadly they have already become DEAF and will listen to nobody.They want to moan incessantly about the state but will do nothing to help themselves. Latest News "Doom and Gloom". for the ordinary is inevitable whilst the rich and Politicians rub there hands and fill their ever swelling wallets!Get angry change future News.Change the News for your offspring.I would love to write happier News for you all.

30/01/2012 National Debt.Billions,Trillions or Zillions?News is:Portugal and all other EU member countries beware.I have said many times that the amounts of money that countries are supposed to owe are pure fiction.National debts are not realistic!Governments have been cutting back ,reducing costs for the last thirty years and yet we are meant to believe that they have got further and further into debt.It used to be millions,then hundreds of millions,then billions and now they are calling debts of trillions.This after the obscene cuts goverments have made.They try to say it is down to welfare payments!I say "FLIPPIN' RUBBISH".Lets just look at old age payments they have not kept up with inflation since the late seventies that is not fresh News.The real cost to goverments has gone down not up.The same with unemployment.Unemployment figures are low compared to when the major shut down of industries was going on.This is not fresh News either.

Whether you agree or not,how can a country like Portugal with a population around 10 million,so suddenly owe all these billions.There is one simple fact the EU bankers are bust but their leaders are paid millions.Why is that!I can tell you why.They know things and are being paid to keep their mouths shut.Nobody pays millions in bonuses for failure!All the money in Europe is being soaked up and redirected.One country as in history is smugly sitting back watching all the rest,supposedly go bust.When financial evil like this takes place,war has always followed.I hope that war will not be the intention this time but we need to find out why these impossible sums of money are being screwed out of the pockets of EU taxpayers. These trillions of euros/pounds etc of debt just do not add up,the money is going somewhere,somewhere it is not meant to go.The banks in the Eurozone are being lined up to go bust and that means investors everywhere are going to loose their life savings .Believe me the bail out of banks cannot be done again,so this time investors are going to lose out.The bank bailouts were just a way of removing billions of euros/pounds from the economy of the EU before the final indignity of small investors losing billions or trillions of their savings.

Whatever is actually going on is "Unholy",I pray daily that I am wrong in my assumtions because that is what they are.It is for the reader to think about but to come up with any altrenatives they must do a lot of reading and research which I have been doing for twenty and more years."Somethin' is COOKIN'".

Mario Soares Talks War

Senor Soares is talking of the Portuguese military being angry enough to possibly pull Portugal out of the EU.It is great to here that people are starting to get angry about the way the EU treats all contries except Germany.

Lets be honest Germany is the only country profiting from from being in the EU.They have pulled their people out from their holiday homes in Europe by introducing hard taxes.This has partly been responsible for the collapse of the housing market.

Any country that wants to get out of Tthe EU will have to make sure they have very adequate defences.Europe is secretly part of the global system which invades any country which goes its own way.Yugoslavia is the classic example in the European area.Yugoslavia' government refused to do the bidding of the global elite.The Global elite sent hundreds of thousands of ethnic immigrants into Yugoslavia and then put guns into the hands of ethnic groups.When the Yugoslav' government tried to stop the violence they were accused of ethnic cleansing.We all know the final outcome of this civil war in Yugoslavia.The Americans just bombed the country into submission.

Very similar tactics are being used in many Arab countries at the moment.The native governments cannot win.If they put down the violent groups financed by the Global Elite they are accused of killing their own people.The tactics used to bring down governments are very nasty indeed.What was that you said? What Global Elite? You do not believe in a global elite !More fool you,then!This is exactly why they are getting away with whatever they want.

The moral of this is Portugal,Greece and anybody else who might want to get out of the EU,make sure you control your borders very tightly indeed and somehow you have to keep control of your skies!

To those who disagree with what I say.That is fine,we all have to have our own beliefs and opinions.Mine are based on studying very closely both history and what is going on around the world today.Here is a provable fact.Did you never wonder where Germany got the money to build its mighty military force for the second world war.Just twenty years after losing the first world war.Fact,American taxpayers payed for it.Hitler was just a stooge of the Global elite.Don't believe me? Why did Hitler abandon invading Britain.An invasion which almost certainly have been a triumph and instead send his military into certain death and defeat by the Russian Winter and the Russian military.The second time this happened in twenty years.Hitler was not stupid he knew exactly what would happen and so did all his generals.

Another fact is that Pearl Harbour was just a set up to get the American people backing the war.The ships gathered there were just Americas junk.Proof is that America still had its naval might immediately after.They never had time to rebuild its entire fleet if it had really been detroyed at Pearl Harbour.News many will scoff at,I know but the facts and the proof are all there if you bother to study it all as I have done.

. East-West-Algarve Editor KENNIJ

23/01/2012 Algarve Portugal and Standard & Poor.

News.What a flaming cheek by Standard & Poor to issue a junk status on Portugal.Have they actually been going around the country taking economic soundings. Not from what Portuguese minister of Finance Vitor Gaspar says.If they have not really done their groundwork at street and business level,they must be basing their figures on statistics issued by the "European Union Ministry for the Department of Guesswork".

Seems they have come up with the answers that their clients the EUSDM (european union self devouring monster)asked them and payed them to come up with!.Having saddled Portugal with a very spurious debt total,based on figures issued by the same "Department of Guesswork".They now want to rubbish Portugal because of the effect the " Straight jacket" they so callously fitted them with,will have on their wellbeing!

The "straight jacket for those not sure what it is.The EUSDM takes money out of European banks at a nice low rate.They then pluck a figure out of "thin air",normally hundreds of billions. (these amounts are pure fiction, if you went through Portugal or Greece' accounts you could not find true figures to match these ridiculous amounts.)They then select a poor and weak nation to hang this so called debt on and ruin their economy by telling them they have to repay these billions, at extortionate interest, by raising taxation and cutting services.The News is that anyone with half a brain can clearly see these "austerity measures" are the "straight jacket" which hogties their economy, reducing the revenues of the country,so they cannot repay these horrendous debts.These are the people who run the EUSDM they could not even see that this would be the outcome of the debt policies.All they want is more and more money to support the ever burgeoning cost of the political monster they have created.

So you ask why do Portugals government allow this to happen? You will find the answer lower down this page.Europe created a political nation where it was impossible for conscience less politicians to say no to them.Every politician is guaranteed to do very nicely from Europe.As long as their palms are being "greased" by the EUSDM they do not care what happens to their own poor citizens.Untill politicians become honest and stop thinking only of themselves,the News to come will always be more misery for ordinary European taxpayers.

21/01/2012 Algarve Golf is Best

How about that then!For some Good News!Well done the Algarve for winning a poll taken in a very prestigious British Golfing Magazine.Best in Europe was the actual winning result.I have written much about golf in the Algarve Region with pages devoted just to the subject.(see them on the navigation bar to your left,under activities heading.)So I can say I am not at all surprised!

Imagine all the high class golf establishments in Spain and other European countries in the vote-off.I know Spain is very well thought of and has many great courses.So for a little Portuguese region to beat them is actually an amazing achievement.The Algarve recorded 32% from 3,276 voters in the "Todays Golfer Travel Awards" poll.

To make this even happier News I can report two further accolades for the Algarve.Another poll found the best golf course in Europe to be the Oceanico 'Old Course' at Vilamoura winning with 31% of the votes cast.That really is an incredible achievement against many fantastic golf courses throughout Europe.

Finally the Dona Filipa Hotel and San Lorenzo golf resort in the prestigious Vale do Lobo took first place in Hotel and golf reort with 15% of recoreded votes.

So despite the best efforts of the Portuguese and EU govenments to ruin Portugal,the Algarve and its inhabitants can hold their heads high,knowing their region can take claim to being better in many fields than the rest of there European counterparts.Well done!

News Today 15/01/2012 is Debt

Debt really is in the forefront of everything.Debt is the world economy it is now entirely global.This debt is owed to whom.Is it an individual?Is it one particular country?Is it the New World Order? (You know that organisation that does not exist.The one nobody can talk about for fear of being ridiculed).Or is it the World Bank which at the moment nobody seems to want to talk about? The only thing we know for certain is that apart from China and debatably perhaps Germany ,is everybody is in debt.

Another thing we know is that some organisation,nobody quite sure who,is lending money to us,to our countries.Where does this organisation get its money from? If it is not a nation producing goods and selling them to us,where does it get its money from? Who owns this organisation? The only thing we know is that nobody,no organisation and no one country is jumping up and down saying "Coeee! its me/us, you are in debt to! Why the secrecy? Why not be honest with us? Why not tell us where they/it, get these trillions of dollars/euros/GBP from? How did this unknown entity start making so much money that it became bigger than every nation or bank? This is very strange is it not?Could it possibly be that we,we being the world have given it to them so that they can lend it back to us,with interest added? If so I do not remember my government asking me if this was ok! Do you? Does anybody?

Portugal and the Algarve were tripping along ok,before they joined the EUSDM (european union self devouring monster).Suddenly along with others,notably Greece.Portugal is in so much debt it has been reduced to junk status.Apparently a vote was taken to see if the Portuguese wanted to keep the euro or go back to the old currency.They apparently voted to keep the euro.As with most of these EUSDM mystery votes,nobody can find anybody who was ever asked this question by anybody.They must take these surveys somewhere secret!That is right somewhere where the public will not be able to vote!How about government quarters? After all ask anybody on any street anywhere in Europe. Who benefits from Europe? You will get the same answer.The Politicians and big business!Do not take my word for it!Try it.

We know that the EUSDM gets some of its money through taxation.However the sujects of the EUSDM cannot supply enough money for this monster to survive.Were you like me and ask why Europe wanted to bring in all the poor countries of Europe? Well we have our answer now.They were brought in to supply income other than honest taxation.They were brought in so that they could be declared,billions of euros in debt.The EUSDM then borrows from the banks at advantageous rates and then lends this money at higher rates to the poor countries.Voila! More income for the EUSDM.The worst thing though is that the EUSDM has to make certain these poor countries can pay these astronomical loans.Hence the forcing of "Austerity Measures" on these poor countries.

Here we must remember that Europe is not THE Global Authority.Since all its countries are in debt it follows the EUSDM must be in debt too.Or if it is not then it is needlessly sat on "pots of Euros" whilst its minions wallow in debt and poverty.Let the EUSDM answer which case is the correct one.Could it just be that all the debts are manufactured because people in debt and overworked do not have the time or the inclination to protest? Is it really about "Control"? The News today is that you and your country are in massive debt! Apparently!The only thing that is certain worldwide,is that our politicians will remain better off and will work in ever greater luxury!The money is there for them because they are the ones who have the power to vote whether we are in the EUSDM or not!Doe it fill you with confidence for your lifetime or your childrens lifetimes.Scroll down to read the News of past days

News 11/01/2012 Top Marks For Algarve

According to the American Times the Algarve is going to be the top destination for 2012 holidaymakers.The mild climate year round makes the Algarve so desirable for travelers seeking sunshine.

The American paper says the Algarve is noted worldwide for its beaches,climate,food,safety and quite reasonable rates. Quote from the NewYork Times describes the Algarve "as a “sun-drenched region” which attracts a wider crowd as it recycles itself with a crop of new or renovated luxury hotels emphasizing style, authenticity and eco-friendliness.”.

Further to this they say tourism plays a vital role for the Algarve economy,which makes it the most popular Portuguese destination and one of the most popular in Europe.The paper reckons that the Algarve attracts 7 million foreign tourists per year and a further 3 million from other regions of Portugal.

Further they say that figures show the Algarve as the third richest region in Portugal,having a GDP per capita of 86% of the European average.

Their atricle states, "Many expatriates from England, Holland, Germany and the United States have chosen Algarve to live or retire where they enjoy a higher quality of life. British expatriates, followed by German, Dutch and Scandinavians, are among the largest groups settling in the sunny region of Algarve".Much of this from an American paper paints a good picture of the Algarve from the viewpoint of the other side of the Atlantic.It all sounds much better than the realities we see in the region.Just goes to show how a few facts and figures can make things sound a lot better than they actually are for the man on the street!

Tax is the News Today! So So Sorry!

Oh dear!Lots more gloom today as we find out what the EUSDM (European Self Devouring Monster) austerity measures are going to do to poor peoples pockets in 2012.

It is bad! Very bad!Every politician supporting the EU for their own greedy reasons need to hang their heads in shame at what their support of this evil dictatorship is doing to the average European citizen..

Virtually everything is going to go up and in the Algarve and Portugal and virtually all EU member countries this will mean real pain and lots more debt, "debt just to live".There is no other word to describe this other than "Evil".

Nothing is going to escape the "Swingeing tax rises",gas,electric and water go up and we all know who this hurts most.The poor and the old and the disabled,it crucifies.To the rich it is just a trifling pest to moan about.New taxes on eating out raising the IVA or VAT to 23% is going to destroy hard pressed "small business eateries".Most say they are going to have to absorb this cost,they just cannot pass it on to their customers.

The price of basic eating at home will soar as well.Bottled water will rise up to 13%.Most foodstuff will rise from 13-23%.This is what EUSDM austerity measures means to the poor countries of Europe.

The only people who gain from all this abomination? Politicians and big business.As more and more small and middle size businesses go "bust or fold" the bigger the "slice of cake" gets for big business.

Under the EUSDM the future News holds just more and more misery for the poor of Europe because this political monster needs ever increasing amounts to feed itself and its lackeys.

I truly believe their aim is to have everybody in debt from cradle to grave with their debts of course,passed on to their children.As I keep saying,slaves were fed,clothed and housed and owed nothing.This "debt to live" is "pure unadulterated evil"

News 06/01/2012

Hi today we are going to report something nice and happy!Yes you read that right!I know,very unusual!Who could possibly be responsible for such a rarity?We talk a lot about the EUSDM (european union self-devouring monster).Could it be from them? Certainly not!How could you accuse them of bringing happiness to to their subjects? Well how about the Portuguese Government?Sorry same answer!Ok I will come clean.The people responsible for good News Today.You the Algarve Residents!

It seems that in these dire times when most of you have severe financial worries you have given a record amount to worthy causes in 2011 compared to any other year.

Good for you,it fills me with joy that people are so caring about the plight of others.Even when you could be forgiven for for hanging on to your hard earned money you have thought first, about others in a worse situation than yourselves.

I really salute you all!

You have managed this generosity despite the best intentions of the EUSDM!They have made certain that those of you in employment are watching those dole que numbers with great trepidation.They have made sure that small businesses are either Bankrupt,going Bankrupt or in ever increasing debt.For the British living in the Algarve and others from other countries, that your pensions etc will buy less and less.The EUSDM HAS DONE ITS JOB WELL!Despite this you have helped the less fortunate in "Record Amounts!You people and you know who you are!Well done you deserve so much better from your "Political Masters".The same masters who whilst for ever enriching their own pockets,shamelessly support a regime which increases misery and poverty for the ordinary European Resident.

04/01/2012 Consumer misery News

A report today tells how many popular winter hotels in the Algarve had to close down over the New Year as people stayed at home.The vast majority of these winter consumers would have been British and the last drop of blood has been rung out of their "available cash wallets".Not only are the "Brits suffering another round of job and wage cuts,plus tax rises (back door taxation) but their non membership of the Euro is being used to ring even more money out of those who travel to Europe.How did such a blatantly weak currency as the Euro rise from 2 euros to the GBP to a staggering virtual parity.This more than anything else has brought about the death of the winter tourist phenomenon.Places like the Algarve have suffered very badly.

This false position between the Euro and the GBP is so obviously false that on the BBC news they have stopped showing the exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar.Comparisons of the three show how blatant this manipulation of exchange rates has become.

So to those countries which had been so reliant on British spending habits.Please do not blame the "Brits" blame the conspiracy between the British government and the European Union in propping up such a "sick currency" as the euro at the expense of consumer trade between Britain and other European countries.The Brits have no spare cash, many families and individuals can no longer earn enough to cover their living costs.I repeat what I said a few days back (lower down the page).Slavery was abominable but at least they were fed,clothed and housed and had no debt.The worst thing about debt in a society which does not allow people to earn enough to live on.Is that this debt will be passed on to dependants. (how ironic is that word dependants in this context).Dependants who also have to find ever spiralling burial costs.

So we go back once again to what is causing all this hardship,misery and poverty.The EUSDM (european union self devouring monster)is responsible for this downright dishonesty and blatant detachment of our politicians from the plight of the common people.The rest of Europe should remember,what happens in Britain eventually gets repeated on them.The Brits have been suffering "austerity cuts" for more than 30 years."British blood" is no longer enough for the "Evil EUSDM",it is so greedy that other countries are now being targeted.Rather than doing it to Germany and France etc the EUSDM brought poor countries like Portugal into the Union so that they could force them into dubious debts then force them into taking exorbitant loans, the repayments of which add to the increasingly "ravenous coffers" of the EUSDM.

News on property Prices 31/12/2011

Property prices in Portugal and the Algarve and indeed throughout most of Western Europe,remain too high.House prices bear no relevance to current wages and employment hopes.I check property prices regularly and it just amazes me what is still being asked for apartments.News is it is no wonder sales are slow to non-existant.

I think the European Union is putting pressure on estate agents to keep prices inflated.Why would they do this? I think the main reason is the EU is taking most of the Banks money at beneficial interest rates to lend this money to the so-called debt ridden countries.These countries then have to repay this money at higher interest rates.To do this they need to stop the Banks lending to Property buyers and keeping said properties at silly levels achieves this goal.

You only have to find out how much deposit is being asked for by the Banks and most individuals and couples cannot raise these sums.Even if they did somehow manage the deposit the repayments on these highly inflated sums to pay on a mortgage are frightening.

So perhaps you can now see how the EU is again forcing poverty and hardship to ordinary people.Rather than getting a mortgage on a sensibly priced property,homeseekers either have to pay ridiculous amounts of rent or live with parents.This so the EU can borrow all the money normally available to homeowners.The EU is then making vast profits on this money lent to so-called debt ridden countries.Those countries were ok before they entered the EU and the Euro.Now dictators are being placed in charge of these countries and low and behold they are suddenly in huge debt and needing to borrow stupid amounts of money.Again the European Union Self Devouring Monster is making the ordinary person suffer so it can keep stuffing its bloated body with ever increasing amounts of money.

Do not forget that the ordinary person also has to suffer higher taxation and loss of vital services in so-called austerity measures,so these huge loans can be repaid.It is pure evil and the end of this self devouring monster cannot come soon enough.Of course the politicians are clinging to their inflated wages and gross expense acccounts and tell you The EU is for the good of everybody.Liars it is only good for them and they know it and should be ashamed!More News coming soon.

30/12/2011 News Topic. European Road Tolls

We have the mayor of the Algarve pompously announcing that road tolls are inevitable.The only reason they are even here is because financially the European Union Self-Devouring Monster is in ever need of "MORE".

You see the only reason the EUSDM EXISTS is because at the start it was made so that greedy politicians could make so much money out of it and the number of political careers went through the roof.Every single politician should be completely ashamed for their support of an EU that achieves nothing other than to make the ordinary person poorer by the day.When they argue it is the trade benfit from Europe, they know full well that it is total nonsense.News is any country pulling out of the Euro and EU would be able to undercut any EU member state and steal worldwide trade from them.You only have to look at the admitted cost per day of a country being in the EU.I say admitted costs because the real costs to a country will actually be at least five times any admitted costs and probably ten times as much.

This is exactly why the EU wants to impose road tolls everywhere,they see it as a continuous revenue raiser and one that can be increased yearly.This is the real EUSDM News.Of course politicians do not even see costs like these,their travel costs are all covered by expenses.They truly are a priveledged class who care nothing about the plight of the ordinary person.

The situation because of the EU for the ordinary person is now "terminal".People are working to keep the EUSDM gorging its "greedy never satisfied face".The "Goose that laid the Golden Egg" is nothing when compared to the EUSDM (european union self-devouring monster)

29/12/2011Portuguese Pensions will halve in next 20 years

toays News Topic.

Another disgrace which is directly due to Portugal joining the European Union.For decades previously to joining the EU pensions in Portugal maintained certain values.Since joining the EU pensions have probably not risen much.The cost of everything went up just through joining the Euro,that is inevitable.So the buying powers of pensions fell.Inflation due mostly to the EU membership has eaten further into those pensions buying power.

Then we can add on massive price increases due directly to the so-called "austerity measures" and those pensions must be very badly eroded.

Now they are going to let their pensions drop further to probably half of their current value.The Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho smugly announces people will have to set up private pensions.Get real Senor I have News, do you have any concept of the wages of the bottom 60% of your countrymen.With prices rising daily because of the self-devouring monster that is the European Union,those wages are going to buy less and less.Europe is going to push Portuguese pensioners into abject poverty or even worse they will never be able to retire.Work to your grave and not earn enough to "make ends meet" is what awaits the general Portuguese employee.This is Worse Than Slavery.Slaves at least got fed clothed and housed.The fate of the Portuguese looks set to be far worse.

Politicians you need to be ashamed you should be doing everything to stop this "European Union Monster".Stop lining your own pockets and lieing to yourself that The EU is beneficial.It is beneficial to nobody except politicians and big business.Everybody else faces misery and debt.

The European Union is Evil and it and the Euro needs to be stopped in "the name of all that is holy".I pray daily for its demise.

ROAD TOLLS AGAIN.EUROPE.GO....AWAY.Save us all from bankruptcy!

Algarve Portugal road tolls



Sorry nothing yesterday.My condition was too bad.Literally unable to get head off pillow let alone get up.

So what News Topic have we got today?Well there has been much violence and some pot shots being taken at equipment over these new road tolls.The Portuguese police have been out in force to try and settle things down a bit.They think the violent attacks (not at people) are being carried out by one group of people.The same thing happened in the UK with the advent of speed cameras.Most are shut down now.Not because of their unpopularity but I reckon because people were getting too "savvy" about them and revenue was dropping badly.I think the same fate may be awaiting road tolls in Portugal.You cannot "Get blood from stones".

News!Politicians the message from the majority is "Stop thinking about yourselves and thinking for the people of your own countries and constituencies.Listen to your conscience and cut the party- line"Only scrupulous individual honesty will start to mend things both at home and internationally.

People are not in any position to take all these so called austerity measures.News!Europe is no good for them.It is only good for you Politicians and your rich mates and big industries.Everybody else gets poorer and poorer.This self-devouring monster will just keep wanting More and More.Stop it NOW!More News,both Good and bad News to come.

26/12/20011One of the biggest stories currently is about the tolls on the A22 which is just forcing more traffic onto the n125,which is considered very dangerous.Indeed it has been known for some years as the "road of death".

What on earth was the sense of causing this to happen in a country with so many poor people as the Algarve and Portugal in general, have.It is of course directly or indirectly a European tax.Countries like Greece and Portugal and even Italy should never have been forced by their politicians into joining the "self-devouring (financially)Monster" that is the EU.The people of these countries did not want it!You speak to any normal person on the streets and the vast majority tell you "the politicians are the only ones benefitting from the EU".I have to agree! Anybody on a normal income is paying extra to be in a Euoropean Union they do not want.There is a name for forcing through membership to a union that is not wanted by the people,where virtually everything is to the detriment of the common people.It is Dictatorship!How long is it since any government ruled for the people.They pretend it is globally necessary and beneficial! It is not! When has any country been in a bigger financial mess than today! Answer? Never! Because of these EU and Global policies all the money in the world is more unfairly distributed than at any time in modern history.

Politicians instead of doing what is morally right for their people are vainly clinging to the jobs and fat salaries and bloated expense accounts,which were what made them vote for the EU and global policies in the first place.

Will we ever see a return to normal government for the BENEFIT of the common people.Sadly I am afraid it is very unlikely!They have it all "sewn up" so well.By the time any of us have managed to work out exactly what they are up to,it is already too late.The damage has been done and they are already working out the next stages of Global Policy and they have the cleverest and most devious minds working on their behalf..Most of it is about controlism.They work on the principle that miserable and overworked people do not talk much and have no time to protest or indeed stick together.

More News to come. News to stunning Algarve apartment