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This page is a dedicated Google page.The idea being that they display adverts which are relevant to your search criteria.When these ads are not available we have given permission for them to display public service adverts,which will benefit the chosen organisations.We hope this page will turn out to be of use to you in the further pursuit of your searching.Please look on this page as further information handily placed for your benefit and for any charities whose message you might see.Sometimes it may be easier to donate a small amount on the odd occasion rather than monthly subscriptions you can ill afford.

This whole page should tie in nicely with the mission of mission being to supply information mainly for research on the Algarve and our apartments which are luxurious and beautifull but also information on self-catering properties of all types and levels.Plus information on hotels,flights weather,hirecars,event tickets for sports theatre and concerts.

We hope you will find the whole of this site usefull for travel and holidays both now and in the this end we hope you will bookmark the site before leaving or clicking any links such as the ones on this page which take you off somewhere else.How often have you found a good site and lost it and can never find it again.It always seems to be the sites you are keen to relocate that for some obscure reason are not in your computers history.Better still you can follow our blog top left of any page before you leave.This will keep you up to date;when we add new content.Which is virtually every week.


Many people seem to think that exchange links are the holy grail of SEO but in reality it is a very slow way of making points.Firstly you give so much to the person you are linking with and secondly if you are doing it for page rank you are going to struggle behind the big boys who have somebody paid to do this all day long. GOOGLE Page rank is not as important as it was in getting you up the listings.Its only real relevance now is when selling a site and then only a small part.

The search engines and others have long since realised that links just tell them who can afford to buy the most or spend the most time collecting them.Far more important now is getting genuine one way backlinks and how do you get those? You get them by regular addition of good original content.


The best original content is that done yourself!Whatever you want to find out about is everywhere on the internet you just need to read and take notes of important points leaving out all the filling.You then take those points and write your own piece.Never just copy and paste GOOGLE and others know or soon will.Believe me!You will end up being sued I can promise you!Usually you want to do a piece of content of a minimum of 150 words per day,a photograph with alt text scores as well.Just relevant text with the correct key words is looked on as viable content.So you can use both but the minimum content text is about 150 words.Done daily this has maximum affect as long as you "ping" the major search engines to tell them you have added something new."Ping services" are easy to find nowadays and they will explain all themselves.This does major good with the search engines if they see your site day after day saying "Here register my new content".

The other major benefit from this approach is if your content is good,people reading it hopefully will put a link to your site.Each one of these is maximum points and you are giving nothing away to competitors
If there is no way you can do the content yourself then you can purchase it but there is nobody who cares like you do.It does not take long once you train yourself to be efficient.I spend between an hour and 2 hours per day doing original content.Some days your mind works well and everything just falls into place and others the brain and the fingers "not so good"!We will go into keywords later.