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Hi There!Please read our foreign money advice below and about the GREAT BRITISH BANK SCAM!

We are currently trying to source a good online exchange.It is quite difficult to find one who does less than a thousand pounds
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The best option if you have property in another country is to take your national money with you and change it up at your foreign bank.You do need to check what exchange rate they give you.In Portugal it seems to pay off for me.

For most people exchanging their money is left much too late,they are busy,so much to do so little time to do it in.It is a state of mind! It is no wonder we tend to forget things.Our dear govenment has made all our lives horribly stressful.

What has this got to do with foreign money.Well the vast majority of people leave arranging their holiday money exchanging to the last minute and just do not get the best deals.Think about it the high street money people know this and so do not need to offer you the very best deal.

Your holiday spending money needs to be sorted out NOW! As soon as you book your holiday.There are many specialist holiday money companies who obviously are experts in their fields.This is what they do and their living depends on getting organised people better deals than they can get on the high street.Times are hard and most people underestimate how much spending money they need to take.

Take more than enough and by dealing with the right companies,know that you will get the best deals when you come back.

If you do not take enough money it is going to cost you dearly to buy more currency while you are abroad.

Where do you find the best companies for your holiday money?Just type into your search box" holiday cash".Check through a few of the resulting links.Or we recommend this site to help you out with everything Please click me to Find good Exchange service .When you get there you will see why we sent you there!

Work out realistically what you think you need to take and I would suggest doubling that figure,if you possibly can.Remember if you sorted your CURRENCY needs out early and properly you will be able to bring any spare back and you will know where you get the best deal on returning it to Blighty Pounds.

Keeping your money safe whilst away.Do not let one person hold all the money,unless you are a lone traveler of course.In this case a money belt is a must.Everybody else split the money up amongst as many people as you can and organise them so that they cannot lose it.Money belts are the best option.Bumbags are good.Or a strong bag that you can hang across the body.Never keep your cash in handbags or in a bag just hung on a shoulder.

When you are abroad there are people looking for green tourists whose bags are easy to snatch.They know which bags are likely to have cash in them.

Top tip for everyday life as well as holidays.Regard your credit cards as cash.Look after them as if they were a wad of notes.So many are careless with their cards.Remember not only the money they can take immediately but the even worse identity theft that will follow!

We will continue our search to find the right service to offer you;we will not list any old company.It has to be right and offering you sensible limits.Not everybody wants to take a thousand pounds on holiday with them and we do not consider that fair practice.Certainly not to offer to our customers.We do not offer up any services unless we have checked them out and are fully satisfied that they are fair and able to supply the services they quote.There are obviously a lot of companies in trouble at the moment and not always through their own doing.Government has heaped so much red tape and unfair costs on them.It is almost impossible for anybody to make a profit in business now.

Always keep your wits about you.I know,"easier said than done".We all slip up from time to time.I know I do!I recently lost my mobile phone whilst abroad and what a pain that became.Trying to get through to vodaphone and get the phone blocked from Portugal was a total headache.I just took the chance of hanging it on the hook on my belt.I knew I should have put it in my bumbag but it made it a bit bulky and heavy.Sat in my wheelchair,i thought it would be quite safe.We were only going 3 minutes up the road to the local shops.Got to the first shop looked down for my phone and it was not there.I rushed straight back the route we had just come.It was gone though injjust those few minutes and somebody spotted it and quickly disapeared.I am telling you this on a currency page to make you understand how easy it is.Imagine that was your wallet full of money and cards.You go into a shop buy something and instead of putting it back in your money belt;you pop it into your pocket because you know you will want it again in the restaurant 2 mijnutes up the road.You get to the restaurant and check your pocket.It is not there.Did it drop out or was your pocket picked.You rush back frantically looking for it.There is no0bo0dy about so you tell yourself it must still be where you dropped it.Forlorn hope;its gone.Why did you take that chance,you knew you should not have at the time.If my stupidity and reading this stops you taking those tiny chances.It was well worth me writing it.Everything in safe bag that is attached safely to you and make sure you do the zip up to.How often i find i did not do the zip up.Be carefull,it is a minefield waiting to ruin your day and possibly your whole holiday.Watch that CURRENCY LIKE A HAWK!

For the British not going into the euro has turned out to be a massive con.The euro has been a weak currency since its inception.Yet the GBP has gone from around to euros to as near parity as makes no difference.Even when the GBP was strong against other currencies it was plunging against a weak euro.

This is another of those economic conditions I say are not market driven.What do you expect when we basically have a Scottish government.Blair might have pretended not to be Scottish but where do you think that name came from and look at how many Scots were in his government,both out in the open and the not so obvious positions as well.
The current disaster for us after Brown is Cameron.They have no loyalty to Britain or the English.This has led to our national currency being used to line other peoples pockets.I am free to say what I want,economists have to toe the line if they want to keep working.So I will say it,GBP is so low against the euro so that vested interests not just in big business like the banks but plenty of others with contact to the right people are making huge amounts of money through this.Those buying abroad at over inflated prices were led there like lambs to the slaughter and they will pay through the nose for many years to come.Let me just say one thing I know for fact.WShile Brits' were being encouraged to buy the German government pulled all its people out of buying foreign property and those who already owned it were encouraged to sell.I suspect many other European countries did the same.The British were encouraged to buy everywhere and are the ones paying to upgrade European property.Those expensively bought properties MADE EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE BY THE CURRENCY SCAM are being sold off at rock bottom prices and it is being kept quiet.Lots of people in the know made and are still making billions out of the rebuild.I am proud to say I bought very cheaply and paid up front,I was offered massive amounts in mortgages but turned them all down.People who know me can vouch that I said this was going to happen.Even then I was just lucky with the timing of my CURRENCY CONVERSIONS! I will also state now and American banks will back me up.The bail out of the banks was a massive con by an outgoing labour government and the big bankers.British banks sold what they called sub-prime mortgages (dodgy mortgages)off to foreign banks,many American ones.The British banks were not in trouble at all.We really need to see independent auditors going into the banks concerned to find out the truth.I guarantee it will not happen though. CURRENCY TO Luxury Apartment
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