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You can write to us at our home address where we have lived for 22 years and where this site is registered:

54 Sylvan Way
Sea Mills
United Kingdom

You can email us using the form below and put in any of your details you wish.We do not expect you to give us too much information;you can even just put in initials if you prefer.We promise,without reservation;WE WILL NEVER GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANYBODY AT ALL.It is far more important to us to retain a good name.WE PROMISE WE WILL NEVER SPAM YOU OURSELVES.

You can Phone us on 0117 9683244.

Phone /text/sms 07774330634

Alternatively copy and paste our email address.Send to Chris at I get an immediate alert on my phone if you text/sms

We have a very strict Privacy Policy which you can read by clicking on the following 100% safe link: east-west-algarve Privacy Policy: This is not just a page some solicitor has drawn up for us that means nothing.We wrote the page ourselves and mean every word of the text.Your information belongs to you and you pass it over in trust that it will not be abused.I am afraid to say after giving you their idle promises many companies then go on to sell it to any unscrupulous persons who will pay for it.That is a blatant abuse of trust and taking advantage of position.We will never do that under any circumstances and futhermore keep our finances healthy so we have no need to carry on in such a dishonourable manner

REMEMBER ASK FOR WHATEVER INFORMATION YOU WANT.You will never be under any obligation.We give our information Freely.

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We take the opportunity on this CONTACT page to remind you of our two apartments in East Algrve.Beautiful and luxurious and well looked after by ourselves.We offer them at very reasonable prices as we own them outright and therefore can pass this benefit onto our customers.This is another reason why we are not in such dire financial straits that we need to sell your information.: For your convenience we repeat our CONTACT information below.



TEL: HOME:0117 9683244 MOBILE: 07837 812121 Hi Bernardo changed as promiised

EMAIL: CONTACT To rent our 2 bedroom apartment

.Or for 4 or less people we also have a 1 bedroom apartment, CLICK HERE