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HEALTH,Once you have decided to go abroad your first thoughts should be to planning to help yourself avoid sickness whilst on your travels.

You should get pen and pencil and list whatever measures you need to take;make a list of action points to follow for you and whoever is travelling with you.


Some points to start you off.Always drink botled water whist away,preferably from glass bottles if you can get them.The HEALTH issues of water stored in plastic are many.Failing glass you will be ok for the short time you are away with plastic bottles.You will still avoid bugs etc.Even if the water is claimed to be drinkable in the country you are going,still drink bottled.

Do not swill tooth brushes under the tap.use a cup of bottled to rinse your toothbrush.

Likeways do not use tap water to rinse your mouth.These last two points are often overlooked.

Purchase a good quality travel first aid kit.No need to buy the most expensive going,just a basic small kit.Remember to take it with you.

Take a medicated hand wash with you.The type that does not require water.Use it before preparing food and during if you have to rinse your hands during.Use after having a wash,bath or shower.To avoid transference from hand to mouth.Keep mouth closed when taking a shower.Make everybody use it before meals.So a small one for hanbags or pockets,is a good idea if you are going to eat out.


For you and all your party.Start taking zinc at least one month before departure.This boosts your immune system and it does work and it is cheap.Helps whilst away and while in the aircraft.Which is where most bugs are picked up

To really boost your immune system and detoxify you might cosider selenium ACE.That is selenium an important mineral missing from modern diets And essential to GOOD HEALTH.With vitamins ACE;these aid the body to absorb the mineral.It is a good idea to take these all the time.Selenium ACE is one of the few products that has had legitimate research and is proven to do what it" says on the tin"

Remember ill health ruins holidays,you cannot avoid it completely but follow these points and your chances of good health whilst on your holiday.

These are the major points to act on.There are others but make sure you follow these at the very least!You will be glad you did


Some claim that 80% of deaths start in the colon and I personally would not argue with that statement.You see with todays poor food selection by many people combined with sedentary lifestyles;many people are unaware that they are not cleaning out their inner systems.The colon fills up more and more and literally poisons your inner workings and in many cases could possibly be putting pressure on other vital organs

If your colon is loaded poisons and toxins build up and slowly cause problems that you will not know about,probably untill it is too late.

You must have seen sausage skins being filled.Imagine this is your colon and you just keep filling it more and more and you leave it in a warm cosy environment for a month.can you imagine what the contents of that sausage skin would be like.Now keep filling the skin for another month and another and another.I do not think you want to imagine what the contents are like now!

This is about the best analogy I can think of as to what is happening inside your colon.Do you feel you might want to start cleansing NOW?!

It is no big deal to cleanse and improve your HEALTH.Just go to a good health shop.Somewhere they guarantee the quality of their products and probably start with aloe vera juice or ask the advice of the shopkeeper

.Everybody is different in their physical and chemical make up.So it really is not possible to give definite recommendations.You need to start with something and see if it works

.To save you time if you try something and after a week you have not noticed any difference in your daily bowel movements then it probably is not going to be any good and you should think about trying something else.

How do you know if your colon is filling up.If you do not already pay any attention to it then assume it is.Signs that might tell you.Is your stomach area extended and hard?Do you regularly feel bloated after eating?When you eat do you need to loosen belts etc?Are you getting spots when you are not prone to acne?Does your skin look oily or sallow or yellowish.Have you got cellulite or find it impossible to lose weight?Stale breath.being hot all the time or at night.

These could be signs telling you your colon is blocked.

This is only very general advice and if in any doubt consult your doctor.Use only natural products and only from sources that certify their products.


An Important part of cleansing is to drink plenty of pure water in the morning and through the day.Now please remember,you should not drink or store your water in plastic bottles.It is not good for you and the sale of drinking liquids in plastic should be banned.I cannot go into it here but you can easily read up on it.Buy your water in glass bottles.Now I know it can work out expensive but you can buy one or two bottles and then make your own and use your glass bottles.

To make your own pure water use a kettle with a washable filter,boil the water and allow to stand until cool,then pour into your glass bottle and refridgerate.You will have clean fresh water.Use within 24 hrs.If you have two glass bottles it is easy to keep a fresh supply going all the time.This you should do all the time.

One last bit probably for most people a month of cleansing product and a month off.Then a month on again and continuing like this will be the most effective option and definitely start a cleanse for you and fellow travellers a month before you depart.This will help immensely with good health while you are away.Please check back regularly for more aditions


Your liver is in many ways the most important organ in your body.In that you practice good liver health and you will be looking after your entire body.

Your first step is to do a colon cleanse as we need to start with a clean system.Colon cleanse is just above.Making your own pure water is covered on this page to!Then looking after your liver is very easy indeed.Others might come up with all complicated plans but this is because they want your money.

Liver health is to daily and preferably first thing in the morning drink pure water.Start with a glass full and build up to 2 or three glasses depending on your size and weight.Over 10 stone aim for three.You can spread this out through the day but have at least one good glassful of pure water in the morning.This flushes the liver out.Think of your Liver as your bodies filter.By drinking pure water you are flushing out all the poison and toxins.

Toxins and poisons are introduced into your Liver by the food you eat and the drinks you take in and from the air you are breathing.So it stands to reason city dwellers need to take more care.However country dwellers do not get complacent you still need to flush the Liver daily.

The only other thing we recommend is to daily take Selenium + ACE,That is vitamins A,B & C.These are essential to make certain the Selenium is absorbed by the body.This combination has been researched and proven to work

WHAT DOES IT DO? Selenium fights Cancer and boosts the immune system and with the vitamins ACE it becomes a powerful antioxidant.So in conjunction with your daily pure water you will be doing everything you need to do for The liver and thus all your other organs.

WHAT SHOULD I AVOID?Alcohol is pure poison to the liver so cut it down as much as you possibly can.Get yourself into the frame of mind to cut down your consumption and stick to it.If you do not do this YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR LIVER and disease and death WILL FOLLOW!

Reduce your consumption of WHITE SUGAR.Aim to cut it out of your diet altogether.Do not cut it out in one go,do it gradually.Get your sugar needs by eating fruit every day.Fruit contains natural sugar.WHITE SUGAR please regard as evil because it is worse for your body than smoking.

Algarve travel health article on Liver

Graphic above showing very clearly the inner workings,organs of the Human torso.The Graphic below shows a scan of Human Organs where two kidneys can be clearly observed

Algarve Travel Health article .Kidneys

Kidneys,Function & HEALTH

When we start to talk about a particular organ,we immediately start to think.This must be the most important organ! it is no different when we start looking at the kidneys.Life just could not exist without any of the individual organs and many scientists usually those paid by the govenment, want us to believe all life happened by accident.If you really study the complexities of a living creature,it is difficult to agree with this.

The kidneys. There are two of them are organs with multiple functions, having essential roles in regulating matters with-in the body. They are essential to the urinary system and control functions such as the regulation of electrolytes, and maintain the balance of acids in the body (an acid body spells disease).The kidneys also control blood pressure maintaining salt and water balance.Much like the Liver they act as a filter of the blood removing bodily wastes.These wastes then are diverted to the urinary bladder,where urine is produced and chemicals such as urea and ammonium are expelled. Another role of the kidneys is rebalancing of water, glucose, and amino acids in the body. The kidneys also produce hormones which are so important and can so easily be over-produced causing feelings of sicknesss and hot flushes both in men and women as it turns out.

It should be no surprise after reading the above about the kidneys that the most important method of retaining healthy properly functioning kidneys,is very much as for the liver.Pure water drunk daily,preferably in the morning will keep toxins from building up and aid them in their functions.Whatever anybody else says this pure water approach to health is the first and most vital step to good health for any mammal.
If you are looking to the health of your kidneys and have never done so before it is important to consult your doctor.Should you have developed any kidney problems it is extremely important to be put on the right diet to get the kidneys functioning correctly again and repairing their health.Because of the rebalancing work the kineys do it is so important to restore chemical correctness in the kidneys and only an expert will have the knowledge to do this.For example in certain cases of ill kidney health it is necessary to reduce protein levels.The diet of the kidneys is far beyond the scope of this article.Please keep this in mind.The pure water regime is never wrong though,this is so important to health through the entire human body.You can never start this important regime too early.Start now and start your family on it as well!


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Exercise is essential to your health.Man was not meant to be a couch potato or drive cars or ride around on public transport.The key to this is the 2 legs we were provided with.However for most people running is dangerous.You will be amazed,once you start walking how enjoyable it is.You see more,feel good and rightly feel pleased with yourself.

So commit to fast walking today and I promise your life and health will be transformed.


Causes of stress are not totally understood and there are many theories as to causes.However everybody is different and the reasons any one individual is suffering could be manyWhat can be done is to identify what might be the likely causes of the stress in each person.This is usually intuitive in certain people and not exclusively to doctors.In fact many doctors will have somebody they like to send you to,if they suspect you are suffering from stress.

The first thinking of mine is that stress is a modern complaint,worry has always existed but tends to come and go.Even when there is a very genuine reason and not just a perceived one;the natural process of the body is for the worrying to come and go.Thus the body has its own way of alleviaating the symptoms of normal everyday worries.

So what is causing the persistent and damaging symptoms of modern day stress which can cause illness,disease and even shorten life.We will look into this in the next few days.So give this some of your own thoughts and come back in a few days to read about my suspicions.We will then go on to examine some ways of identifying stress and to aids to help you alleviate your symptoms and improve your health.

Just think about this.You go to school;leave school and without any training you enter the world of money and are expected to manage finances and are constantly blitzed about credit and tempted into buying.It takes a strong willed person to resist all this.You are expected to be your own adviser,accountant,manager,debt manager and so on.This is stressful and heaven help you if you get it wrong Add to this that your job nowadays can end at any time Your peers have no sympathy or get out clause.Get it wrong or lose your job.Bang.Even if you do not realise it this is piling on stress that the human mind and body was never designed to cope with.Natures stressful situations come and go they are not persistent as are modern Peer made stress and anxiety.No wonder 4 out of five people will suffer some sort of mental illness in our lives.What are the symptoms you need to be alert for.

We cannot cover all the symptoms as they can be as varied as people and be aware,any we mention here can be symptoms of other health problems as well.So best advice any symptom that persists,should be reported to your GP.

So some of the more common stress related symptoms,can be:1regular dizzy spells that come and go with no apparent reason:2 The former with skin going white and the need to sit down:3 Throbbing of the head,mostly temples but possibly behind ears or back of head:4 Pressure feeling to top of head,forehead and maybe eyes as well:Shaking even when relaxed:5 Feelings of anxiety,nervousness or feeling worried with or without reason:6 Fainting feeling including actually passing out:6 Stiff and painful neck and or shoulders:Nausea:7loose bowel movements and or constant feelings of needing to go to bathroom:8Pains in heart and or chest:9 Breathlessness:10 tightness in chest:11Any change in vision.blurred,cloudy,focusing problems:Dizziness and spots in front of eyes

There are many more but they are usually with any of the above.It is important to see your doctor if you think you might be suffering from stress.It can be a killer if ignored.Do not feel silly about going if your symptoms are persistent.It can lead to you feeling you have heart problems.Remember your Gp is there to do his job,he should Never make you feel silly or that you are wasting his time.This is a doctor not doing his job.In this case,either report him or go to another.

So understanding you are suffering with stress what can you do to alleviate the problem.Lets be clear here,if you do suffer stress and or anxiety you probably always will.The first step is recognising it and being willing to do something to get it under control and minimise the long term damage.

Right; during the next week try and analyse yourself.Just stop now and again to try and identify what you are doing and how you are behaving.Are you a "Rusher";rushing here rushing there always worried about what you have not done.When you get up in the morning is it immediate panic.Cannot find your clothes;rush rush;cannot do your buttons up fast enough.No time for breakfast.Panic yourself into your car;rush rush;Cannot get car started quick enough.Cussing at everything you do and swearing even in your head at every motorist or pedestrian who enters your line of vision.Examine your behaviour throughout the day.

Is this you or something like you.Never happy with what you can achieve,not enough hours in the day;tense all day long.Are your muscles all tightened up.Are you rigid when sat down say,or hands clenched on your steering wheel or anything else.Does everybody annoy you.No patience with yourself or others.

"oh to see ourselves as others see us".Is this you or is any part of it you.Keep a check on yourself for a week and find out if you are a tensed up rigid person who never stops thinking and always criticising yourself or others.Be brutally honest with yourself.

If I have got you to identify something about yourself and the way you behave we have made a fantastic start.If not and you suffer any of the stress symptoms we will have to look a little deeper into you in a while.

If we have found out you are a Rusher or just an impatient" so and so" either with yourself or others;we have crossed a huge milestone.You can help "You".You have been able to be honest with yourself.We can show you how to change and be a more relaxed person.Coming soon how to help you change,we have both physical and mental help coming.The most effort you will need to supply is desire to get better.



Have you located some of your behavoural habits that are causing your stress symptoms.(If you have been honest with yourself and could not find anything physical at all!Not to worry we may have to look a little deeper to find what is causing your stress,ie your human relationships partner,parents etc.We will come to this.Later)

So if you have located physical tenseness.It is important for you to understand that long periods of muscular tension is very sapping on your energy levels.Try driving around consciously relaxing your grip on the steering wheel.Adjust your seat so you are in a relaxed position,so your back is fully supported and you can relax your back muscles.Tense your face and brow muscles and then release them and try to maintain the looser muscle format.Get to recognise this relaxed feel.Work through your whole body trying to relax all sets of muscles.Learn to find and relax these tense muscles.The conscious hard tensing and releasing works for all the body.This is something you need to practice continually and you will become expert at easing the tense muscle groups.You should start to get very quick benefit from this.Of course it is not only when driving.When sat watching the tv; are you sat tensely, muscles rigid and worrying about work tomorrow.Work around your body as when driving, locating and relaxing muscle groups.You must learn to use these times to relax your muscles and your mind.

Ah the mind!Worry is the killer.Now if you are a worrier;there is not much you can do about this.However you can learn to ease it and control it.The first thing here is when you find yourself worrying about something is to remind yourself; that fretting and tensing is not going to do anything at all to improve the cause of your worry.Remind yourself that whatever it is;you will be better able to help either yourself or another person if you are relaxed.Breath deeply and slowly and think about relaxing yourself so you are better able to cope tomorrow.Make yourself mentally think directly about the cause of your worry and tell yourself to relax right now.You can ease the load on your mind and your body if you really want to feel better.You will be amazed at how much this conscious relaxing of mind and body every day will ease the strain and make you feel a bit better.

This is the first part on the road to recovery from those awful stress symptoms.Scroll up and read through the symptoms section again and come back and read this section on conscious relaxing at least once a month.You will need reminding to relax.This has got to be your bible that you live by daily.You need to become an expert in conscious relaxation.

Next we will look at certain exercises that will sooth muscles all around your body removing all the knots that your stress has created.But I repeat again BECOME AN EXPERT IN CONSCIOUS RELAXATION OF MUSCLES AND MIND DO NOT NEGLECT THIS.YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER DON'T YOU? BACK SOON WITH MORE.EMAIL ME IF IT HELPS; TELL ME HOW YOU ARE GETTING ON WITH THIS will be amazed at how much writing down your thoughts and sharing them with somebody who cares;HELPS YOU.


This is the most important stress exercise and should form the start of your physical weapoons to make you feel a lot better.Even if you do not think you suffer from stress this is a very beneficial exercise for anybody to practice.It is good for the mind and the phyisical metabolism.Anybody at all can do this as long as you can lay flat on the floor.

All you need is a large bathtowel or anything clean with no padding.You want your body to be in contact with the hard surface of the floor but not laying in dust.

So lay flat on the floor and close the eyes.Arms relaxed and straight by your sides with palms facing upwards.Legs straight and relaxed.Concentrate on identifying every part of your body touching the floor.There should be many parts like heels back of calfs,the bottom,a lot of the spine,shoulder blades,base of neck,back of head,elbows,forearms,wrists and hands.Work through them all one at a time and think relax that part of the body,so it presses under its own weight onto the hardness of the floor.Feel it pressing.Start with the heels and work up through every part.Relax think only of that part.Work right up the body and back down again.Then just lay there working your mind gently up and down your body.Your mind flowing easily up and down your body.Feel the whole body relaxing and pressing into the floor,just under its own weight.Do this for at least fifteen minutes but try to build up to at least half an hour.Do it every evening or in the morning before your shower.Both is fantastic.Each time try to do it better than the last.The only idea is to relax every muscle effortlessly and to feel in touch with your whole body.When you can feel almost as if you are floating above your body;looking down seeing your detached body looking at it and knowing its every curve and muscle and bone.This state is PURE Relaxation.Maintain this state for whatever time you feel comfortable with and suits you!Work for that perfect state of floating above your body.You will find you get better and better at this and a new you should start to appear in your everyday life.A gentler more comfortable person who can cope with stressful situations .Not knotting up at every perceived problem or slight from others.Work at this and it will happen.You will be happier and you will know YOU and be happy and content with YOU.

We will look into more drastic exercises to massage knotted muscles in a week or so.



We have looked at the quick immediate fixes to practice before and during your travels.We do however need to look a little deeper into wellbeing and practices to use in your everyday life which will help you during your travels as well as longterm benefits in your regular life.

It is important to take a good look at what you eat,as all good health starts inside.You can go to the gym or practice yoga or anything else you can think of.However it will do no good and probably do more harm than no exercise at all.If you do not address what you are eating.

You will be very pleased to know that our plans do not include giving up all the nice foods; you so enjoy.Indeed we preach a little of what you fancy does you good.With the emphasis on "a little".Eat anything everyday and you are asking for trouble,even if it is supposed to be good for you.There may be a few exceptions to this like the introduction of certain non processed foods like eating brown wholemeal bread instead of white.If you cannot or do not want to give up white bread;then eat one piece of brown for every piece of white.Aim to give up the white in the end.

Everything we teach you,look at it in this way.We do not advise giving anything up in one drastic move.You will fail miserably.Gentle thought processes is what we want to introduce you to.

So in this vein,let us take one big step today.Introduce brown wholemeal bread into your daily life.One brown one white and tell yourself you will give up the white when you are ready.Start thinking about the other processed foods you eat.

So from when you read this I want you to start establishing a thought process.Bruce Forsyth was once asked;to what did he attribute his youthfullness.He said and I quote"giving up white bread"That is it for today check back regularly there is a lot more to come but we do it in bitesize chunks.If you have already done this,we have much much more to discuss in the mission to give you good HEALTH


I have seen claims that some 80% of deaths start in the colon.Do not scoff!The reason for this is waste material building up in the colon/gut is poisoning your system.Yes Right Now this very second.Unless you eat right and even if you do waste is building up by the meal

Ever feel sluggish;out of sorts,cannot put your finger on it.Think colon,think digestive system.These poisons are slowly causing problems,somewhere in your system.Toxicity is building up."I'm alright",did I hear you say."I take Antioxidants".

"RUBBISH".Yes That was me,said that.I better tell you why.These supplements will almost certainly pass straight through your body if they are not,in the food itself.By that I mean part of it.Naturally in the food not added to it.Early man did not have a ready supply of bottled this and that.So his body was designed to absorb them through the food he ate.You body still is!Most things that appear too easy and " too good to be true".Usually are "just That".

I am sorry but if you really want to improve your HEALTH,before you go and that of your young you and they are going to have to start eating good quality food.In every day life and health this means.NOW!
More coming soon.If you have the time please read the bit below.

Note from author.These ongoing articles on HEALTH are done for free because I am genuinely concerned about the way people are eating in the modern day.With the advent of the mega supermarkets;the quality of food and the time from harvesting/picking to your plate is increasing.You are not getting the minerals and vitamins so essential to your future WELLBEING.About the author;I lost my living through a work accident where my leg went through glass.The damage was non repairable.

If you wish to show any appreciation please.

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