TO READ ABOUT THE BAD SIDE OF PP (Click here to read about Receiving Payments)I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR SIX YEARS AND NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS.FURTHERMORE IT DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING TO PAY ME.UNFORTUNATELY IT DOES COST ME BUT THAT IS NOT YOUR WORRY.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PP ACCOUNT IT IS FREE AND VERY SECURE TO CREATE ONE.JUST GO TO or and you can create an account in a few minutes.believe me once you have an account you will feel so much more secure and in fact you will be more secure than using a credit or debit card online.You may or may not know,if you give your credit card details online or over the phone your bank will not cover any fraudulent use.they use it as a get out nof jail free card.I got caught out like this paying a well known mobile phone company a £10 top up by a bank debit card.When I got my bank statement they had taken the £10 plus 2 further transactions £15 each.They were all taken out at the same time.The phone company would not pay me back saying I had to claim from the bank and the bank would not cover the fraud.I know others who have been stitched up like this by mobile phone companies.One has to be very carefull nowadays.My advice is this cannot happen with Paypal.If you do not want to open a paypal account...OF COURSE YOU CAN PAY US BY CHEQUE OR BY INSTANT BANK TRANSFER,POSTAL ORDER ETC.WE GIVE THE OPTION TO THOSE WHO PREFER IT.NOW THE BUTTONS ABOVE GIVE YOU THE PRICE BY CERTAIN MONTHS.CLICK THE LITTLE ARROW ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAYPAL BUTTON AND YOU WILL SEE THE MONTHS WITH THEIR WEEKLY PRICE.SO IF YOU WANTED 2 WEEKS YOU PAY FOR THEM ONE AT A TIME.INDIVIDUAL TRANSACTIONS FOR EACH WEEK.IF ONE OF YOUR WEEKS FALLS ACROSS TWO PRICE BANDS (IE PART OF THE WEEK IS IN JUNE AND PART IS IN JULY.THESE MONTHS ARE DIFFERENT PRICES)IF MOST OF THAT WEEK FALLS IN THE LOWER BAND THEN YOU PAY THE WEEK AT THE LOWER PRICE.IF MOST OF THE WEEK FALLS IN THE HIGHER BAND THEN YOU PAY THAT WEEK AT THE HIGHER PRICE.PLEASE BE VERY HONEST ABOUT THIS,BECAUSE WE WILL CANCEL YOUR BOOKING IF YOU ARE NOT HONEST.WE WILL BE LOOKING TO ADD BUTTONS FOR YOU TO PAY HALF WEEKS.UNTILL THEN IF FOR EXAMPLE YOU WANT 3 AND A HALF WEEKS.YOU HAVE A CHOICE,PAY FOR 4 WEEKS AND ASK US FOR A REBATE (DO NOT WORRY THAT WE MIGHT NOT REFUND YOU.WE WILL!) OR ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US AND PAY THE HALF WEEK OR THE WHOLE AMOUNT BY CHEQUE ETC.Font color="purple">Paypal,Good & Bad.

Paypal is great for making payments and there is little if anything to go wrong when used for this.However this is not the whole story.

PAYMENTS can be a different story.They are rather expensive for transactions where you are taking money in from others.

Lots of people have real horror stories about them as a business bank.People do have problems so it is only right to address these.

There are 3 top questions regularly asked about them.

1)Can they hold my money without any explanation?

2)Can PP freeze my account without giving any reason?

3)Can PP take money out of my account without telling me first?

Rather worryingly the answer to all 3 questions is...Yes!The answer is YES.


Your Paypal account can be frozen at any time, without advance notice, leaving you without your money for months,possibly forever, and there is very little anyone can do about this action!

Should you Use PP for Receiving Online Payments?

It might be a shock but PayPal is not a bank and does not provide its merchants with a Real Merchant Account,they provide their merchants with a P/PAL account.

There is a Massive Difference!

With a Genuine Merchant Account,a businesses funds are deposited into its own Business bank account.An account that business controls for itself and that business account is protected International Banking Regulations.Or failing that then usually national Banking Regulations.

It is so different with PP.They deposit your funds into one of their accounts over which they have full control!

Not being a bona fide bank PP has the luxury of not having to obey any official Banking Regulations.

Regulations were introduced onto the Banking world to protect you and any business accounts you may have.Vitally these regulations protect everybody from over zealous Banks closing vital accounts for 6 months without giving any reason!Imagine if your main bank had those powers over your day to day living expenses.You could not fall out with your Bank Manager in any way.Could you?

For accepting payments it is better practice to have a proper Merchant Bank Account!

We will go into these issues more as soon as time allows.