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ALGARVE-WINDSURFING ,portugal is truly blessed,not just by its climate but by having the Atlantic ocean as all its coastline.Not only is it spectacular but it gives ideal conditions for all watersports.Particularly of the saling variety.You get the winds but without the freezing hands experienced further north.

The favoure end of the Algarve for watersports is the west end,as it is stuck right out into the Atlantic.The central and eastern regions are still fine but just perhaps a little gentler.The nearer one gets to the Spanish mainland,the nearer you are to the Mediteranean sea and some protection of mainland Europe and African continent to the south.If the predominant wind is coming from the west however these provide no protection at all.Please see the map below to get some idea of locations


The Algarve has plenty of coastline for the experienced windsurfer.If that is you will probably look to be west of Lagos, and Tonel, in Portimao. Alvor is popular to practise this sport for the less experienced.If you are a novice or new to windsurfing, there are schools on beaches such as Lagoa where you can sign up to take a class. There are plenty of spots for novices such as Tonel Portimao, and Sangres Beach in Portimao. Alvor Beach,and beaches near Tavira are popular learning spots.Really give the Algarve a lot of consideration if thinking of taking a windsurfing holiday to learn the sport

Popular courses can be booked at the Hotel Aqua Meia Praia in Lagos.Here you can have a course taking in seven nights.You would be only 2 minutes walk from the Windsurf centre,where they have everything right on the beach,Please click here to find out more about this great holiday

As good if not better is The Windsurfing Camp.They are offering a windsurfing camp for beginners and intermediates. The consistent wind and gentle water make the Algarve a perfect place to learn and improve ones windsurfing skills. Their instructors teach you on new equipment from startboard, severne sails and Pro-Limit windsurfing equipment. You can stay in the popular kite house in the center of Lagos,which is well known for its nightlife.Please click here to learn more about the Algarve windsurfing camp

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You can find plenty of locations to learn and take part in windsurfing along the Algarve coast. There are endless spots an oportunities where you can practice ALGARVE-WINDSURFING .Of course it goes without saying you need to be very carefull and talk to people in the knowbefore practicing windsurfing in waters you are not familiar with. You should seek advice as to the correct spots before you ever set board or sail in the ocean.

In the Algarve region one of the busiest spots for this sport is Portimao, as every year major windsurfing competitions are held there.Portimao is famous internationally amongst participants in the sport as many of the worlds best surfers have been going there for many years for what is known as "the Windsurf tryouts".The offshore conditions are said to be perfect for the seasoned pros'.Another major activity I believe is held yearly is the Portimão Trophy or Iberian Cup International Formula Windsurfing held at Praia da Rocha,(praia means beach)close to Portimão.

Portimao is not far from the tourist capital Albufeira in the Central Algarve so this really is a hot spot for a great many activities.In July and August this area is jam packed with holiday makers.I think there must be more information for me to find and let you know about, so look out for new additions to this page. ALGARVE-WINDSURFING TO WORLDWIDE HOLIDAY RENTAL PROPERTIES,DIRECT FORM THE OWNER.NO CHARGES FROM US