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Hello there!.You have arrived at Eastern-Algarve, the page to give you a start in what type of holiday you should aim for.What will suit you?

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Ok lets make sure you book your ideal holiday!Where do I start?

No 1.Choose the dates you recquire.It is best if you can be a little flexible.Say you want 2 weeks in august.Choose the widest set of dates this fornight could fall in.For example you might say the earliest date I can go is July 31,and latest date I could posslbly return home is september 3.Right you now have your most flexible date range.No2 Go online and find your local airport and check they fly to the Algarve,if not find the nearest airport to you that does.Most if not all airports have airlines going to algarve nowadays.Now find out the name of the airlines flying out of your chosen airport.You can now go to their website and enter in your dates no of people etc.They will then give you information on dates you can fly out and return along with prices for each date.You can now arrange your holiday dates with a chance of getting the cheapest flights available.Do not book the flights yet but do not check out of the airlines website,(they know if you do and when you return,you will find the prices have gone up).So just minimise their site.You will then have a tab to click on to return.


Now you need to decide where you want to take your algarve vacation.You have 3 regions,east, central and west.What things do you like to do.Briefly east algarve is for more traditional poruguese algarve holidays.(you can read up on this on another page of this site).Central Algarve tends to have more nightlife,highclass hotels and top golf courses.(bear in mind all three regions do have good golf courses and beaches).Again you can read up elsewhere on this site.West Algarve is more rugged algarve holidays.ideal for watersports etc.

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Now what sort of accommodation do you need.Are you the sort of person who wants luxury with most things ,food activities etc.Then an Hotel might be your best bet.If you want luxury,independence and money is no concern you could consider a villa.For more economy and to have people around you and easy access to beaches etc an apartment could be your best bet.Apartments offer the widest selection,from high luxury to basic economy.Another option is apartment hotels if you want things more organised.Then of course there are campsites and caravan parks and do not forget motorhome sites.Once you know your accommadation needs go to google etc type in your choice ie algarve holiday apartments.You will find a generous range comes up for your selection.Now you will have contact details,to make sure you can match accommodation to your flights and will know the full cost of your holiday.

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Now you are safe to return to your airline you minimised earlier and book your flights.Job done!No travel agents fees and if you have done your homework properly have the cheapest independent algarve vacation available to you!

A final word;bear in mind June,July and August are the most expensive dates to holiday and the Algarve can really be a year round destination and flights from Uk are only around the 2 hour mark,making it ideal for short breaks as well.Get an early morning flight and you could be settled at your destination before lunchtime.Final final word;do not forget to book a hire car or arrange airport transfers.All can be done online easily.

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