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Where we discuss what people can do to help poor people and countries.It does not involve money!Please scroll down to read the information.We have added a new section on so-called water shortages.Please scroll down to read why it is just another big business and political scam!

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Please click here to go back to the east-west-algarve Main Homepage Index Are you frightened to stand up for a good cause,like environment and poverty, because you might be ridiculed?.This is how you and everybody are being manipulated.Surely you can rise above this if the cause is important enough?.Do you care that billions of people live in misery and poverty and pollution because you and others are frightened to open their mouths?Please stop and think how pathetic that really is.FOR THINGS TO CHANGE YOU AND EVERYBODY MUST SPEAK UP AND CONTINUE TO SPEAK UP on the environment and poverty.Make others feel guilty for being so easily controlled."BUT I do not want to be laughed at".Please read on to see how easy it is to change the world.

Do your travel movements affect the environment? Everything you do;even just existing, changes the state of the world minutely.You cannot help that nor should you feel guilty for living.Every element of your being will eventually be broken up and returned to their most basic forms.All the basic elements on this planet remain constant.They cannot change.The only change is in what forms they take.You are one of those forms but there will never be another you.Same with a car or a jet or the fuel they burn.

Everything is constantly changing in form but the basic amount of elements remains constant.Now the problem with fossil fuels is most of them come from underground.They were originally plant life.They rot to become coal or oil,etc.They would stay in the ground and eventually become something else.Albeit,underground it might take millions of years.Man by mining and burning these things accelerates their exposure to the environment.One way or another they will eventually return to their basic parts and go on to be another form.What does all this have to do with you?Well ,nothing yet.You do not choose any of it ,you can do something for the environment and the poor people of the world,both home and abroad, right now!The people who did change the course of the world and the environment in a major way, by speeding a few minor processes up.Were Western governments.They decided in the forties and fifties if not a bit before;that they wanted to base their economies on oil.

Why?.......... Well because most of the oil is difficult to extract,only big business could have the finances to mine oil.What does this mean?Well they now had the power to control the price of everything.This was the moment in man's history when modern political economies were born.The politicians,the "New World Order".Or the few groups or families who control the world money supply.Now had complete control over you and everybody else in the world and the environment we live in.The worst bit of this is that many poor countries have the oil and my goodness how their futures were to become ruined.It will be a blessing for them when the oil is all gone.Do you care? Do you want to break the cycles that keep people poor and polluted.We do not want your charity,we need your time.Not Much just a few minutes a day and the power of your mouth!Please keep reading;it will cost you nothing!

So that is why! Are you responsible for any of this? Of course not!

So what other choices did they have? Plenty as it goes!I used to say in the early seventies that a car or plane could be run on water.Or more accurately the elements of water.This was a fact when they took that momentous decision on oil.It was hidden,or suppressed.Much too easy for individuals to start making their own fuel.

What control over the economy and our environment would they have had then?They also suppressed many other environmentally friendly forms of fuel.

There are too many to go into here but pond water was one source,to supply fuel for transportation.For every country and every personwhat an endless source this would be.The trouble being that the technology could have been installed anywhere by local communities and farmers,indiginous tribes.

It is the gasses produced by the pond water,that is the potential fuel,not the water itself.This goes back to my statement in the seventies.How many different ways could have been developed to produce transportation fuel from water?A great many as it happens.Water is an almost infinite supply and does no harm to the earth at all.The technologies have been suppressed for at least a hundred years.All so big business and western governments,have the money and even more important the power to run lives how they want.

So should you feel guilty because you have to travel or want to travel?No,because you could and should be able to travel,without polluting or ruining other lives.You should be making your local politician aware of this and its importance.Write to local priests and stir their consciences.Not once but time and time again.You should be telling everybody you meet to do the same.It should be the first thing you say to anybody.In this way these beneficial technologies cannot be suppressed again.If you read this article you have gained the knowledge of how to change the world for ever for everybody for the better.No longer would poor countries be at the mercy of western governments.SPEAK UP! Again and Again and Again.This is what you must make others do.Use your powers of persuasion.Develop these powers of persuasion.Like a muscle;develop this power.

Please stop here and consider this for a moment.By your actions,from now on you have the power to make this simple technology known to everybody and save the environment.You tell one person,they tell 2 people.You tell two more people.That is six.they tell two people that is twelve,then 24 ...48...96....192....384...768....1536......That is only through the first person.The same is happening through the second person you told and the third and the same for every person you tell.You must however make everyone you tell aware it is their duty towards the human race to spread this knowledge as much as they can.The human race can be set free from the evil of the so called "Powers that Be".WE all know about them but they did something very clever.They turned it into a laughing matter and ridicule anybody who mentions conspiracy.

I am laid up in bed from a fall doing a dangerous physical job.I am putting this knowledge out to you..You should tell everyone you meet and ask them to do the same.If you do not you are not doing anything to help mankind let alone the environment.

You should bookmark this page and share it with everybody you know, by word of mouth and via the internet.Your life has changed.You have a responsibility to the poor countries of this world.To every person kept in poverty by the Controllers of this diabolical Global Political economy.If you do not, then you are part of the conspiracy,the conspiracy is very real.You do have the power to change it.Your excuses of what can I do about it are now BLOWN.Please just Do It!.Or feel guilty that you could be doing something constructive to free mankind and create a cleaner better ;more compassionate world.Is this Blackmail.Certainly not,we are talking about something far too important.We are talking about global peace and compassion.We are talking an end to all war. Listen to John Lennons,words in Imagine..This is a Crusade and "Imagine" should be the anthem.This technology is only the tip of technologies which can heal the Earth.I ask God to direct your fingers to the button to this page.Those who believe in God as I do will understand.If you do not believe in God you still have a heart.Please do Not ignore it.The iron grip of the Money controllers has to be broken for ever.BY COMMON KNOWLEDGE.


Western governments are planning already to make sure the chosen fuel of the future is heavily taxable.Many genuine green fuel technologies are still being suppressed.The H2O options are their dread.They will pay any money to stop them.To hide the technology from you; never mind the environment.The same technologies they hid from you 60 odd years ago.

The two main reasons being that anybody could make their own fuel and it is so clean that taxing it would be very difficult.They are trying to convince us that water is a scarce commodity but this is rubbish.Utter Nonsense.Nothing can change the amount of water on this planet.Let alone man.It is a totally fixed amount.It can change form;even you are more than 70% water.That 70% will return to pure water.The volume remains constant.If it is used for fuel it is broken down and then its parts reform.The environment benefits

So they are pushing battery technology.The excuses are already in place.How much damage the production does environmentally.They will have to tax you,heavily.Oh then there is the disposal.More Tax! So why go for it? Because not just anybody can make these batteries so the price control mechanism is in place.Control of the Global Political Economy again.

Personally I do not think battery power is going to be enough.Neither do they!

So the excuses have been thought up already for the big replacement for oil.What is that? Most likely it will be bio fuels.The type that needs vast amounts of land to grow the crops.So why would they favour that method? Surely that is clean and Friendly for the environment? Yes but think about it.It has already been floated on the news and is in the public psyche.They have already come out with."Too much land is being used for growing bio fuels.There will be a world food shortage"!You are guilty again, are you not? They will have to TAX those bio fuels heavily! Bio fuel represents total control of you and the economy;yet again.You could not grow your own;too much land and expensive technology is needed to turn these crops into fuel.Just as with oil,only big business and governments can produce it.

So just stop and think a second.Who is going to suffer from this.The poor countries with plenty of land to grow the crops on will suffer.It will be cheap land and their governments will be paid to allow so much of it to be turned over to bio fuels.That they will not be able to grow their own food or even have farms and food animals.They will have to buy their food from.......US! Of course they will have to tax you even more because these countries are suffering and it is all your fault! You and your need to drive your car.

So back to the first part.You have to spread the knowledge of H2O Fuel Technology.The pond water is only 1 method.There are many more water technologies that can supply man with all the fuel he can use! You must spread the Knowledge.Keep it alive.Do not let them hide these technologies again.You have a responsibility to your children and the poor countries and the environment.You must make and keep making it common knowledge.You must tell everybody and pester your MP and local clergy, time and time again.You must help to make it such common knowledge that it simply cannot be ignored.

More on the environment to come.Please help turn this into a national and thence international HUMAN RIGHTS CRUSADE.Your life can and should now have a genuine cause to help turn the world into paradise for all.

WHY WAR? In these enlightened times

Why are we pursuing unjust wars even today and why must modern warfare be inflicted on civilians?

It is all to do with big business.Using up all the arms stocks,means mega bucks for the Arms manufacturers.Bombing buildings and infrastructure means huge contracts for Building contractors.These contracts are all handed out to Big businesses from the country which caused all the damage.Remember "shock and awe".That translates into billions of dollars to the people who backed me,in my bid for power.

So why drag civilians into it.Why spread depleted uranium on the missiles,which will cause disease for many years to come.Who benefits from this misery.You do not need to think for long.It is more Billions for.....Yes the Drugs companies.I could go on.

So it is necessary then is it? To have these wars,it is the only way to keep economies and big business,going.Well no actually!World health could be an even bigger Global economy.Why do they not choose this path then? When their economies could be based on the good things for mankind.Well sadly,the people who control the world money supply,want to hang on to the money and they must want to trade in human misery!!.There is really no excuse for war any more.So what about terrorism? Well it is the same people who create the terrorists.If they were not constantly invading countries.Propping up cruel dictators and generally causing misery for many nations;there would be no need or causes for terrorists.So they have to keep creating causes to make people angry enough to want to fight back! Seeing women and children blown to pieces or maimed for life tends to be the trigger to cause terrorism.You can sit their and abhor them but at least they have a cause and care enough to try and do something.I agree it is not the right way but they are brainwashed into thinking it is.You and I need to be talking and writing continuously to bring an end to it.If you go away and do nothing then nobody else will.I am going to keep at it and I want you to feel ashamed if you go away from here and do nothing.If you need time,at least bookmark this page and keep coming back till you are ready.There is no shame in that!.. size="5">WATER SHORTAGE HOCUS POCUS!

In the eighties Margaret Thatcher set about privatising all our major industries and time has shown it has led to huge price rises in all the unavoidable life expenses.

I said at the time,water should have remained in state hands not put out to profit hungry companies and their shareholders.

These private companies want to increase their profits the easy way.By not building new resevoirs which they say damage the environment.You see in the UK there has been a massive population movement from north to south.There has been little IF ANY increase in water storage in the south to reflect this.

Also the government and local councils cut the service that existed between farmers and councils to keep all the ditches which empty into the resevoirs,clear and flowing.These ditches cannot now supply the amounts of water to those resevoirs that they used to.

This gives them the opportunity to claim water is a scarce commodity.It is a total falsehood,the amount of hydrogen and oxygen is fixed,it does not change and neither does the amount of H2O.It is water delivery to water storage that is being manipulated so they can claim water shortages and claim the need to have water meters.Water meters mean people have to use less water and thus guarantees the water companies do not have to spend on water storage or delivery of water to the storage points.So what is wrong with using less water? Hygeine!Therev will be massive increases in bad bacteria levels in homes and workplaces if water is rationed and our plumbing is not flushed by enough water.You think of how many billions of miles of plumbing exist in private homes aloneIt is the waste areas of our plumbing that become massive breeding grounds for bad bacteria.This will affect health in our homes.Later we can start listing reasons why the lack of enough water available affects man and his future.Of course it is the poor who will have to ration water usage.It will not bother the rich.Though ironically many people are rich because they are mean and they will ration water and their homes will be unhealthy because of it.It will affect the environment you live in,Badly and just so the water companies and their shareholders can keep more of their profits.You need to talk about this to everybody you know.It is because people do not talk about things like this that our governments can get away with doing nothing about it!Please learn to talk often about important matters like this.Become more responsible.

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