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n a late Spring afternoon, two families departed for Disney World. They were very much alike, these two families.

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The Essential Guide to Living and working in Spain… Be Prepared Before you move, During your move and After You Make The Move!!

From a Resident who knows

The of fantasy of living in Spain with sun, sea breezes, white sandy beaches and fantastic healthy food makes it an inviting one of the top destinations to call home.

However... the thought of the TRAVEL and the change of lifestyle . Causes many questions like:

What about health care.How good is it?

What about illegally built property.How do you know?

Where and how to get work?

Registering for tax purposes?>p>What permits you need?

Do you need to learn the language?

Schooling in Spain

Travel and moving of any sort bring up massive problems and questions.Get Help NOW! Use the click here above!

Our family moved to Spain and we absolutely love it. It has been heartbreaking for us to watch so many people fail and families suffer, because of the lack of preparation in their move to Spain.

That is exactly why we decided to put together an ebook collection to help you and your family in planning your move to Spain.

Hi Hubert, The e-books not only help us with the million and one questions we have about moving to Spain, but are enormously helpful to all our friends who go to Spain on holidays. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the e-books.

Carol & Peter Bams.- Port Talbt, South Wales, UK Moving and Living in Spain eBook.
This ebook has everything you need for your new life in Spain. From planning, moving to buying a home and...
TRAVEL, Important Cities, Languages and Climate, Basics on Buying Property, Moving in and Setting up Utilities, Banking, Taxes and Cost of Living, Health Care and Insurance, How to find the right School,Permits and Visas, Daily Life... from Food and Eating to Getting in Touch with Locals

" information on areas to explore... "
Just a short note to say how helpful and informative your guide books are and all the other bits of information on certain areas to explore. We own a house near La Mata and enjoy our trips there. Great work.

Marie Conc.- Donegal, Ireland

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Bonus #3
Speed dictionary for talking the lingo.Tons of usefull everyday words and phrases.

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