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Our website statistics show us that many of our visitors are returning to the site more than once.So we have decided to offer a news letter.This will be where you find the latest news on the Algarve and anything else we might cover on the website.

This will be where you will get our special offers on holidays in our Algarve apartments.By subscribing to our news letter you will be the first to know about these Special Offers.You will have time to pick and choose before they go public.We do not believe in spamming people through so called email campaigns,which cram up your email inboxes.We never store our customers information to get back to them later.

We firmly believe that to pester people is an invasion of privacy.

So our E-letter will be the only way you can get any special offers early.

The E-letter will be 1 per month initially and if we find there is a need to make this fortnightly we will ask your opinion before doing it.

It will cover everything to do with travel and holidays,moving abroad or anything we feel our readers might find informative or beneficial. News on buying foreign property might well be covered,if there has been some change making it a good time to buy.If you read our buying property page you will know we advise against buying at the moment,apart form America and possibly Brazil.This is where the real bargains are begging you to look at them.We will tell you about rises and losses on property prices.Plus anthing else which comes to light in that current month.

We will certainly strive to find interesting content for the newsletter.The only way you will get this product is by using the form below to opt in as a free subscriber.We will not be emailing anybody to tell them we are offering a newsletter as this in our eyes is an unforgivable intrusion on your privacy.

Of course we at east-west-algarve will be delighted if you do opt in.The form below will only ask for minimal details,such as your name and the email address you wish to have the letter sent to.......even this minimal information will never be passed on to anybody else and will be safely stored and firewall protected so there will never be any chance of this information getting out.It will never be carried around on a laptop as our politicians so carelesssly have done.Your privacy is sacrosanct with us.

We will never use the information you give us to set up any sort of marketing campaign.It will be soley for the sending to those who requested to subscribe to the Free east-west-algarve/newsletter.

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How To Create Good News letters

Creating an interesting and usefull newsletter can be very difficult and time consuming.Ideas can be a massive problem and you can so easily be hit with that blank screen when you try to engage your brain to the task.We all get it! Some days are ok but others we just cannot get ideas flowing.

With the internet this does not need to be a problem.What is your newsletter about? Just list a few key words on a piece of paper and then type them into google or Yahoo etc.Then just flick through websites looking for that information you think "ah that gives me my ideas".Usually you will find the text to inspire you within a few clicks.

One word of advice,spend a little time identifying your target audience,try to figure out their likes and dislikes.If you get this right you are half way there.


1) What are the ideas you want to communicate to your readers?

2)What is it that my readers want to know about?

3) Do I need a calendar of regular events to keep readers informed?

4)Do I need to keep readers informed of existing projects or project updates?

5)Is there any specialist information readers need?

6)Is there latest news readers need to hear about?

7)Should you include your contact information? Do you need to or not? If it is not essential perhaps you should not make a rod for your own back.

8)Is there anywhere such as organisations notice boards I should let my readers know about? Where are they situated?

9)Are there places I can send my readers? Should I supply links to these places?

10)Are there any finances or financial aids I should let readers know about?

11)Are there organisations or sponsors my readers would find usefull?

12)Are there any discounts or other benefits to make my readers aware of?

13)Should I appeal for sponsors to help me out?

14)Can I supply any case studies about the topic of my newsletter?

15)Are there any stories concerning my readership that can be told? Involve readers and members whenever and wherever you can in your newsletter!

16)Can I get readers to volunteer help and if so should I supply statistics about them?

17)Can I add interesting profiles on any volunteers? Find out everything you can about volunteers or contributors.Include their stories in your newsletter.

18)Are there any challenges I can set for my readers?

19)Are there newspaper or magazine articles I can use for excerpts?

20)Are there any celebrities known to have an interest in the subject of my newletter? If so can I profile them?

21) Can I ask my readers to contribute any common interests they have in the subject matter?

22) Do I need to supply health and safety news and advice?

23)Above all else have I kept the newsletter current,factual and as light hearted as the suject matter will allow? Is it as interesting as I can possibly make it?
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